Kumkum Bhagya 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Prachi and Shahana telling that they will leave. Rhea asks them to stop and says whatever you got from here, and whatever you are taking from here, make an entry. Prachi says why not? A fb is shown, Aaliya tells Rhea and Pallavi that she had enquired and came to know that they are not IT officers. Pallavi asks who are they? Rhea says Prachi and Shahana. Prachi comes near Rhea and asks where to do entry? Rhea pulls her fake beard. Prachi is shocked. She removes her specs and turban. She asks Shahana if she will remove her fake attire herself or if she shall help. Shahana removes the beard and moustache. Rhea takes the file from Prachi’s hand and takes the papers. She says they haven’t come here to raid, but to steal these papers. She says she wanted to lie and claim her rights. She says you both had enough nonsense, now I will go to lawyer and will raid your dream house. She asks Dida if Prachi is so truthful then why she is so afraid of the papers. She says it is revealed how Prachi is. Prachi says who forced me to do this, and says why who has lied again and again and who took my signs by cheat. She says sometimes we have to take help of lie to prove the truth. Aaliya asks Rhea not to argue with middle class people, and lower your class. Shahana says what happened, if we don’t have class. Aaliya says you will steal the money, but will be middle class. She is not ashamed. Prachi says I am not of Kohli family and don’t accept the family as mine. She snatches papers from Rhea’s hand and tears it. Rhea is shocked. Prachi says you don’t have fake admittance papers or divorce papers to claim that you are Ranbir’s wife. She says your lie is lost. She says lie is always a lie, and can’t take the place of truth. She says your lie game is over, like palace of cards are blown due to wind. She says what is left, this house. She says this house is mine, and says I am the only bahu of this house and Ranbir’s only wife. Dida smiles.

Ranbir is leaving from office. Jai gives his bag. Ranbir thanks him. Jai hugs him and says everything will be fine. Ranbir says I will inform Papa after reaching there. He says I came to know about the journey after coming here. Jai says Ranbir is so stressed physically and mentally and getting grinded between Prachi and Rhea.

Prachi says your brahmastra failed, I am sorry that your planning and plotting is ruined. Shahana asks them to pick the torn papers. She tells that Rhea has not changed. Rhea says you are shameless. Prachi says we have seen you crossing your shame. She says cheap thing is that elders supported you. Aaliya asks her to shut up and says you can’t hide your doings. Prachi says sorry, if I hold your hand, then you won’t feel good. She says when elders are at mistake and youngsters hold their hands, then it doesn’t look good. She asks her to keep her idea at herself. Pallavi says the way she is talking to us, it is like throwing stone in the dirty water. Prachi says I was pure water, and became dirty water here and asks what is mixed in water that it becomes dirty water. Police comes there and asks who is Prachi Arora? Prachi says she is Prachi Arora. Inspector says you are under arrest. Prachi is shocked.

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