Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Ranbir and Prachi pause, sensing something odd. They turn, but other people come in the way and they fail to see each other.

Sushma comes to Pragya. You know that you have to pay price for being good. People don’t give you prize for being good, but they punish you. Then why did you make Prachi like you? You know that there is no place for goodness in this world. She is just like you. Her destiny is also just like you. She is suffering in her in-laws house just like you did. She was trying to come out of what happened and today she broke again after getting the divorce papers. She’s crying instead going to Ranbir’s house and answering them. She’s wondering why Ranbir sent her the divorce papers. She is just crazy like you. And your other daughter… why she is not like you? She looks at Abhi and says, she has gone on her father. She says, I am sorry to say, but Rhea is not a good girl. She is not a good sister. No one likes Prachi in that house, everyone hates her. When everyone hates her, there’s going to be some effect on Ranbir as well and today he broke their relationship. Prachi still thinks about Ranbir. She still has feelings for Ranbir. She is still stuck in that house. If you made her like you, then why didn’t you make her strong like you? It’s been 1 month and still I have not been able to take her out of her past. She secretly sees Ranbir’s pictures and reads news about him. You were so strong, you involved yourself in business that you forgot Abhi. Sushma realizes that this is a good idea to get Prachi involved in business. She promises Pragya that she won’t let anything happen to Prachi. I will take Prachi outside this city, so that she doesn’t even think about Ranbir.

Back at the temple, other cars honk. Ranbir and Prachi get back into their cars. Their cars pass by each other, but they again don’t see each other.

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