Kusum Plans to Outwit Gehna

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Desai family enjoys dinner and praises taste of dishes. Kusum says her daughter prepared it. Hiral says Gehna prepares tasty food. Kusum says she has 2 daughters and Swara prepared it. Baa says at least she has some talent. Gehna suggests Swara to open a tiffin service and earn money. Swara denies. Gehna says she should be self-reliant and should share her profit with Baa as she is in charge of kitchen. Baa says she doesn’t need anyone’s money and by god’s grace can feed Gehna’s mother and sister. Swara says she will not work as Baa said. Gehna insists. Kusum calms down Swara. Hema provokes Baa against Gehna that she is more worried about her mother and sister than Desai family now.

Swara prepares food in kitchen angrily. Gehna gets her 100 roti order. Swara angrily tries to hit her from behind, but Kusum stops her. She denies to work more. Gehna says she cannot waste her hard work. Swara says its her hard work. Gehna shows her advertisement in news paper and says she got first order after much hard work, so Swara shouldn’t let it go. She asks her to take Kusum’s help. Kusum acts as falling unconscious and Swara acts as worried for Kusum. Gehna says she need not worry as maa fell unconscious due to weakness, she will call doctor. Kusum opens eyes and says he will be fine if she rests in AC room and walks away. Anant enters the kitchen. Swara leaves behind Kusum. Anant gets romantic. Gehna shies and says someone will see them. He says he got license to romance her as he is her husband and hugs her from behind while she prepares roti dough. Meri Zindagi Hai Tu.. song plays in the background.

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