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Family and villagers have gathered for the upnayan ceremony. Anna’s sister tells a couple that Mai’s son will surely speak tomorrow. That’s what pundit ji said. Pundit ji asks Sai to speak now. He asks Sai to repeat the shloka after him but Sai remains quiet. A kid says I knew that He won’t talk. An old man says this is the outcome of the ritual. Another man says the last hope is now over too. Pundit ji folds his hands and requests Sai to say something. You must break your silence. People need your guidance in Kalyug. They need to be told what’s right and wrong and what true God is. You have to guide them how to find God. You must speak now. The old man tells pundit ji he is giving Him spotlight for no reason. He is an ordinary kid who cannot talk. What’s the point of doing this ritual when He will never talk? Mai cry. The same lady (from the well) tells that this boy cannot talk. You are giving Mai a false hope. How will a mute kid guide others? Pundit ji requests them not to say so. If you are able to witness what I witnessed in Him then you won’t be able to forgive yourself ever! This kid is blessed with Godly attributes. A man tells him to stop. You are disrespecting our God by comparing this mute kid to God. He will remain ill-fated for life. Pundit ji tells him to stop. This kid is a blessing from God. Look at Him intently. He isn’t moved by anything that you all just said. He has no complain or no ill feeling towards anyone. Universe wont accept an insult to such a pious kid. The old man calls Him a sin of Mai and Anna’s previous birth.

The weather turns bad suddenly. It becomes windy. People get worried if a storm will come now. Sai looks at everyone’s faces calmly. Pundit ji folds his hands in front of Sai. Universe is not able to accept these harsh words. They will be destroyed because of what they just said. Only you can save them. You must speak now so as to save these people and the world. He cries. Sai smiles and closes His eyes. He chants a shloka. Everyone looks at Sai in shock. Bright light emanates from Him and the weather becomes normal within seconds.

Ashavaan ji says little Sai’s first words were shloka from a scripture. It means that those who do not have knowledge, tapa, patience and dharma spend a life like animals.

Sai finishes the shloka. Pundit ji is amazed. He knows all the scriptures and everything already. These are His first words after all! Mai hugs Sai. How did He speak today when He was quiet till today? Pundit ji says it isn’t that He couldn’t speak. He had voluntarily decided not to speak (Muan Vrat). He was observing and learning everything. He did tapa for 8 years. It was their power that He could utter this shloka. Upnayan ritual gives energy to a kid. You and Anna asked Him to speak but He dint. He didn’t even speak when I had requested Him. He spoke when it was meant for the welfare of the world. It means that His life will be dedicated to the world and its people. I have prayed for years. A voice from my dream asked me to come to your house. I have seen God in your house finally. You two are blessed to be called His parents. Mai hugs Sai sweetly.

Tatya calls it an interesting story. It feels as if we should never stop. Ashwaan ji jokes that the one who tells the story feels hungry too. I wont be able to continue the story till the time I eat Baizama’s food. Everyone smiles. Baizama goes to make food for him. Mhalsapati ji asks Srikanth what he is worried about. Srikanth says I am sure Sarkar wont sit quietly now.

Sarkar says it isn’t the time to sit anymore. I am positive now that Fakir has asked Kashaba to be with the villagers in His absence. Santa asks him if he is leaving the village because he is afraid of Fakir. Sarkar reprimands him for speaking without thinking. I am going to Bombay to tell the government to start the work. I cannot let Fakir and Kashaba spoil my plan. Banta tells Santa they will be free for 2 days. Sarkar tells them to find out about Sai’s whereabouts in his absence. I will banish you from Shirdi otherwise. They run off.

Sai speaks to a villager about the importance of tree. The villager tells Him He is wasting His time and energy by telling them this. You would have understood by now that only Mukhia ji and Acharya ji take such decisions. He walks away. Other villagers ignore Him as well. Somacharya laughs. He tells the Mukhiya that no one is paying any heed to Him. Mukhiya says I am amazed that He won’t just stop. Somacharya tells him to let Sai try. Mukhiya says I am worried that He is not an ordinary man as no one could even shift Him from His place. Trees will be cut tomorrow. That sure will surely create a hindrance. Somacharya tells him not to worry. Trees will be cut at any cost tomorrow. Let anyone try anything! Mukhiya smiles.

Sai returns to where He was saying but Shiva apologizes to Sai. I cannot let you stay here anymore or they will harm us. Sai tells him not to be embarrassed. You did what’s right for your family. He blesses them and walks away.

Somacharya tells Mukhiya that Shiva has refused that Fakir to stay with them anymore. He has nowhere to go to now. He tried to teach me. see what I have done to Him now!

Ashwaan ji says everyone found out about Sai’s greatness that day. The house was festive all the time since then. Mai only wanted Him to say one word every time.

Mai asks Sai to say it again. Sai calls her Aayi. Mai smiles and kisses His forehead.

Mai is doing puja when Mai and Anna hear Sai chanting a shloka. They see Sai offering water to Tulsi plant.

Ashwaan ji shares that village’s pundit ji told Sai to say Dev-Stuti every day since then. Baizama says we can only imagine it. He was so knowledgeable at such a young age. Ashwaan ji says it was time for Sai to find the true meaning of His existence. One morning!

Sai notices two sons throwing their parents out of the house as they are old and of no use. Sai is pained. He asks the sons what they are doing. One of them pushes Him away. It is our personal matter. Stay away and act like a kid! He asks his parents to leave. We wont be happy till you leave.

Precap: A man asks Anna and Mai to come with them. He is unable to explain it in words. Mai finds Sai sitting in the jungle in meditation. He opens His eyes when He feels her presence. Mai notices the bright light emanating from Him.

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