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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 7th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sakina and Mirza feeling guilty for their lies. Sakina says she will save money and will return to this beautiful place. Mirza says they didn’t plant 5000 trees at all. Hotel staff informs them that an old ill woman wants to meet them. They both rush to hotel’s lawn where manager requests them to touch an old ill woman as villagers believe royal have god’s healing power in their hands. Shanti and Sakina hug woman and reveal that they are not royals. Manager sends woman and asks them to stop joking. Mirza and Mishra agree that they are from Lucknow and not royals, came here to enjoy free vacation when they heard royal family’s trip being canceled, and are chaiwala and panwala. Bittu says they really are panwala and chaiwala and together they will pay hotel bill slowly. Manager fumes and says they shouldn’t have lied about planting 5000 trees. Sakina says she and Shanti have decided to plant 5000 trees. Their team supports them. Manager says they would have left silently instead of accepting their mistake. Mishra says their guilt made them accept truth.

They all plant 5000 trees for 2 days continuously without tirelessly and help each other. Ashayen Khile Dil Ki.. song plays in the background. They all then return to hotel and inform manager that they finished planting 5000 trees. Manager praises them. They say they will return to Lucknow tomorrow morning and will pay his hotel bill slowly. Manager says they already paid their bill by planting trees tirelessly since 2 days without having anything.

Next morning, hotel staff informs manager that whole Lucknow team is missing, but their bags are in rooms itself. Manager asks him to check them in backyard. Shanti walks in followed by others and informs that they had gone to water plants. Manager says nature would take care of them. Mirza says plants are like their kids and its their responsibility to take care of their kids until nature can take care of them. After sometime, they all discuss who will stay back for 2 years to take care of plants they become self-sufficient. Mirza says he will followed by Mishra and Nikki. Ashiq, Majnu, and BBC also decide to stay back for Nikki’s sake. Mirza and Sakina go aside in lieu of calling someone and get romantic. Team taunts them. Mishra and Shanti get romantic next. Manager enters with an NGO manger who takes care of trees and informs that NGO will take care of their plants. They all hesitantly agree.

Precap: No precap.

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