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Akanksha informs Pathan here is his entire amount of fifteen lacs, Akanksha asks Aansh to make the video of Pathan that they have given him the entire amount, Altaf exclaims she is making the video for the sake of proof when he questions why did Manav not come by himself and sent his wife, she says that it is not his concern and also that she has given him the entire amount so he would not disturb Manav anymore, Altaf agrees that now their debt is settled.

Manav is sitting when his mother-in-law asks why is he so tensed as what is the need to be worried, he asks where is Akanksha when she coming exclaims that she has solved all the problems of Manav he questions where was she when explains that she has given Altaf the fifteen lac rupees, he is in a state of tension questions why did she arrange the money for Altaf, she replies that she has signed the contract of Vibhav Kapoor, Manav questions why did she sign the contract when it was the one thing which he tried to bar her from doing, Akanksha insists that she doesnot want a drama here, Akanksha questions how did she let it come to this point that he had to place the papers of her house in the locker and those people came after it, Manav replies that the house belongs to him as well, he holds his head when her mother questions what is this way to talk to her husband like this, Akanksha replies that had she not done it then her house would have been lost, she blames Manav for not taking the necessary steps, Manav questions who told her about Altaf, he turns to Aansh who reveals he had to tell her, Akanksha questions why should he not tell her when Manav never does it since before that he used to share everything but has started keeping secrets, he sold their car but she did not say anything and now even when she has earned the money which they needed he is still restless, Manav tries to explain he has an evil eye on her, she standing says she doesnot know about it but knows his eyesight has gotten weak because he for the sake of his honesty is not seeing anything, as he would have ruined the future of Yatharth and herself, she is glad that she is able to save her house, Manav questions if she truly thinks she is saving her house but that Vibhav Kapoor is a parasite who would ruin their house and she will not be able to save it, Akanksha mentions that the person for whom he has so much hatred is the reason she was able to save her house and can fulfil her dreams, the entire family is shocked. The doctor comes asking how he is feeling, the doctor mentions that he can go home anytime he feels like, Manav in anger exclaims that house will not be the same anymore.

Vibhav looking at the portrait of his wife says that the world thinks he is a loyal husband and now he would have to fulfil her presence in this house, he explains that he is making a musical show and it would gain him a lot of sympathy, since even if the world doesnot take any bribe but they are able to express their concern on hearing the problems which exist in the life.
In the morning Akanksha is sitting with karan on the breakfast table when he says that Vibhav Kapoor is a really nice person who not only takes care of his staff but doesnot even look towards any other girl in the office even when they are really pretty, Bublie coming questions what is the extent of their beauty, karan realizes he has made a mistake so asks Akanksha for another tortilla, but Bublie threatens to beat him if he looks towards any other women, Karan assures they are just colleagues, he informs Akanksha who questions why is he telling this to her but should go and inform Manav who thinks Vibhav Kapoor is the most ruined person in the entire world. Akanksha’s mother mentions Manav has supported her in each and every decision when she went to him in Bhopal and now when he has asked her to trust him, she is not ready to accept his decision.

Akanksha gets angry questioning her if she had made a mistake in her childhood because whenever she felt like doing something for herself, papa always supported her but she would always have an objection, she says that to stand with someone is not that they are forced to do what the partner likes but to also stand with their decisions, Akanksha questions what is their problem with her success, her mother explains that she doesnot know what she desires for herself, Akanksha questions what problem can she have with herself but her mother replies that her problem is that she cannot sleep because of her dreams and they do not let her reach the place where she desires. Bublie exclaims they will all party tonight, but Akanksha replies that she needs to sleep since she has her rehearsals tomorrow.

Manav sitting in the room mentions that she has seen the problem in his decision but is not able to see the path, which is filled with so many stones, he sitting down exclaims that even if he is able to ignore the fact that she has decided to sign the contract with Vibhav Kapoor but how can he forgot the differences which she has created between them both, he in anger throws the glass which breaks.

Akanksha is sitting waiting for the rehearsal when the male lead, Indine comes, the entire reporters ask him why he changed his mind of doing theatre, Indra mentions that he is doing this for a change and also for the money, Maya greets him, and introducing Akanksha assured of starting the rehearsal when Vibhav Kapoor arrives.

Vibhav Kapoor coming out from the corner exclaims the devil arrives when thought off, the reporters ask him about the drama, Vibhav says that he is not an actor, but they would give the answers after performing the rehearsal, Vibhav welcomes Indra to the team and explains Akanksha has given him the best gift by becoming his wife, she gets mad when he replies he was just joking after which they start the rehearsal.

Manav is sitting on the bench when Khushal jee comes offering to sit down on the bench beside him, Khushal jee says that he fainted because of the problem with Pathan, Manav questions they should keep the talk from yesterday in the past and he should not interfere in the personal matters, Khushal jee questions why did he not go with Akanksha jee since today is her rehearsal, Manav questions how does he know about it but then Khushal jee informs that she is a start and every news about them is always on the news.

Maya starts introducing the script of the play, she introduces the lead actors after which calls Manav to come on stage and reveal the plot, Vibhav informs that the play on the life which he had with Niharika and the events that led to the creation of their company which they had treated like their child, he mentions if it goes well then he would not only take the play to national but also the international level. Akanksha starts smiling thinking about her future.

Manav questions Khushal je why he thinks that Manav should have also gone to the rehearsal, Khushal je explains it is because today is the first day so he should have gone to cheer her, Manav explains that sometimes going there only leads to a larger crowd, Khushal je leaves with an excuse. Manav is just thinking how Vibhav was looking at Akanksha, he thinks now he would not allow the confidence of Vibhav Kapoor to boost anymore.

Precap: Manav informs the director that he is the husband of Akanksha, however the director questions if he thinks this is his bedroom, Vibhav standing in the corner thinks this is what happens when they come to places where they are not required. Akanksha is arguing with Manav saying that he has created a lot of drama at the rehearsal, she asks how would he feel if she comes to his job, he replies they are different, she says the biggest difference is their earning as by next year she would be paying the taxes equivalent to his entire salary.

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