Manav gets in an argument with Akanksha about working with Vibhav kapoor

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Akanksha is getting ready while also helping Yatharth, Manav coming wishes them both and questions where is she going, she replies she is going for an interview, Manav asks at which job is she applying when she explains that a local channel has approached her as the rising star, she asks Manav that he should also not argue that she should not go even to this interview, Manav questions why is she saying like this since he is genuinely happy, Yatharth sees the ear ring on the table when he says that these are the ones which she was wearing in the portrait when Manav feels worried however Akanksha says that he is just a child but Yatharth is certain when he leaves because the van has arrived, Manav sys that he is feeling something is wrong since she should not go to work for Vibhav Kapoor but hearing this Akanksha gets tensed questioning why is he saying this once again since she cannot listen to him because he is just over reacting, she cannot live a poor life and will take the decisions regarding her career by herself, she leaves without even listening to him, Manav is really tensed.

Akanksha is in the room when she receives a call from Maya who says that now the interview would be on the call, Akanksha says that this would be the first interview after eight years, Akanksha questions if everything is fine when Maya replies that it is fabulous since she is going to get a lot of big offers and also that Vibhav Kapoor is saying that he is planning a really big campaign with her, and doing this would make her stand with a lot of really big stars, so Maya asks her to drop this interview and go do the meeting with Vibhav Kapoor, Akanksha says that she is actually going to meet him.

Chokse sir gives Manav the file asking if everything is fine now, Khushal jee says that Manav should accept he has really close relations with Vibhav Kapoor, Manav asks if Khushal is saying he is friends with Vibhav Kapoor, Chokse sir questions what is Khushal saying, he showing the photo exclaims that the car of Vibhav Kapoor came to pick and drop Manav, Chokse asks how can they be certain when Khushal shows the photo Ranay with Manav, Chokse asks since when is he so close to Vibhav, Manav picking the phone deletes all the photo saying he should be a detective, Manav warns that if he tries to peak into their personal matters, he would create havoc in the life of Khushal, Manav walks towards his cabin where he sees Ibrahim sitting.

Akanksha in the office of Vibhav Kapoor is looking at the standee when Ranay comes informing that Vibhav sir is waiting for her.
Manav reaches the house of Altaf who asks him to come and sit, Manav says that why is he worrying him when they agreed on the payment after three months, Altaf says that the person who they have to give the money is demanding it now so Manav would have to return it now, Altaf asks him to be calm because if he starts taking it then Manav would not be able to do anything, Manav says that he has taken the loan on interest so cannot give the amount at the moment, Altaf exclaims that he can give the property papers so they will place it on mortgage, however Manav refuses questioning how can he give the property papers of his 8.5 million bungalow for a loan worth 1.5 million, however Altaf says that he is just giving Manav two days to return the amount otherwise he would come to take the property papers.

Vibhav is with Akanksha saying that Yatharth is really cute and was even taking cute selfies with him, they both start laughing, Vibhav asks if she knows why did he call her, she replies that she doesnot know the exact reason but Maya mam was saying it is something big, he replies it is not only big but also sensitive, he sitting down mentions that he needs her full commitment, he explains she looks confused so he is going to end it, Vibhav reveals he is producing a musical stage show in which he desires that she should play the role of Niharika, she questions who is she when Vibhav mentions she is his wife, he explains this is a really important project for him so he desires her to play the lead role, Akanksha gets worried thinking about what Manav said, Vibhav says she doesnot seem happy asking if something happened with Manav, she can tell him since they are friends, Akanksha replies she doesnot know why Manav was the same as before after they went back from his house, Vibhav exclaims he is a really stubborn person, Akanksha hearing this gets angry when he questions her what did she say, she says that she has said she would work on her own terms.

Manav is really furious saying that Altaf wants him to put a house worth ten million against the mortgage of just 1.5 million, he knows Manav cannot go to the police, Manav blames Aansh for putting him such a difficult position when Aansh says that he informed Manav he would not even give this advise to his enemy, Manav questions what can they do now, Aansh exclaims that he can ask Vibhav Kapoor for help since he is a really big builder and so even Altaf would not do anything, Manav exclaims they should leave but before he sits down in the car, Manav feels dizzy.

Vibhav exclaims that since she has accepted this offer then he will give her the signing amount, she is shocked to see that it is worth 1.5 million when he exclaims that he thinks 5 million would be enough, she questions why does he only want her when he says it is because he loves her, she is shocked upon hearing this when she questions how can he say this because she is a married women, he questions how can this be any different from what everyone thinks since he Is doing the same. Vibhav sitting on his chair exclaims that if this is what she thinks then her understanding is now different from what everyone else says, she questions what he does mean since he expressed his love, Vibhav sits in front of her without uttering a single word.

Precap: Vibhav asks if she is ready to take her acting to the heights which she never thought off, Manav in immense anger says that he being her husband is refusing to allow her to work with Vibhav Kapoor, Akanksha gets frustrated hearing what Manav has just said.

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