Manav tries to find out the truth about Akanksha’s past

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Akanksha explains the entire women of the colony are laughing at her by saying that she is a wife of a government officer and lives in a quarter while her son also studies in a government school, some time earlier, Manav beside Akanksha exclaims that he will surely find the truth of why she is sad.

Manav is with the sister of Akanksha and her mother, she explains that Akanksha got the fame overnight and became a star, she had got a lot of them but suddenly her father died because of a heart attack after which all of the ads were snatched from her, Manav questions what was the reason, her sister starts to fumble when her mother says there is no reason to hide anything from him, her mother explains that there was a really big scam relating to the pensions of senior citizens, which was worth billions . Manav questions if that was the reason he died however she replies he was not at all worried about this because he always used to think that a person should use his power for any means, he died because after his scam was revealed people started to turn against Akanksha, the ripped off her posters seeing which he was not able to bear it, however ruined he was the one person he cared for the most was Akanksha, when her dreams were getting ruined he could not bear it all and left them. Akanksha’s sister explains after that Akanksha changed a lot, she did not accept the calls of any of her friends and after some time she started blaming their mother saying she never stood by their father in his decisions, Manav consoles them, questioning why did they not ask her to go back and fulfill her desires, she replies it was because that Akanksha of that time wanted a lot more from life, she had big dreams. They both mentions there was a mentor who really supported Akanksha in getting the ads, her name is Maria.

Ranay coming to Vibhav reveals the photo of Maria with Akanksha explaining that she is the one who hired the cast for this ad, she at the time did the casting and now has her own production house, Vibhav asks if he found out the name of his Kamana but Ranay explains it will just take him one or two more days after which the entire life story of his Kamana would be on the table, Vibhav exclaims these two days are a lot for him, Ranay explains that Minister Panday has come and is waiting by the pool, Vibhav exclaims the minister really likes the pool, he leaves assuring Kamana he is coming back really soon.

Akanksha’s mother explains the only reason she was worried when Akanksha ran away was that she might take the wrong path to fulfill her desires but is really glad she found Manav however he replies that he is the one who is glad to have her in his life.

Vibhav is sitting by the pool waiting for Panday jee who is enjoying in the pool, Vibhav gets mad so he throws Panday jee on the pool which angers so he questions what is the reason, Vibhav explains that they have to seek the attention of people who are like him.
Manav is with the family of Akanksha when she explains that they indeed wanted to come to meet him because every year the hold a pooja for their fathers death anniversary but now also desire that he should come with Akanksha, Manav asks them both to have something to eat.

Vibhav is with Panday jee explaining that there is a problem as one of the officers has prepared a report because of which their project can only be limited to thirty floors, Panday jee questions is to worry because he can give him more money, Vibhav replies this officer doesnot seem to care about any money and has refused them all, Vibhav explains the real problem is the report because of which he would need a new law, Panday jee however replies it is not that easy to make any sort of law, however Vibhav explains there is nothing to worry if someone like him is present.

Yatharth is in the class when the teacher explains it is time to announce the results of spelling bee competition, in it Vinay is able to secure the second position while Yatharth is the first, after the class ends Vinay comes to sit with Yatharth who explains that his parents are also not talking to each other a lot and even his mother remains quiet, Vinay explains this was the same with his family as his mother used to sit alone in the house and now they have separated from their father, Yatharth gets worried.

Akanksha is waiting for Yatharth when the neighbors start talking exclaiming what was the point of becoming Miss Indore when even her son is studying in the same government school, Akanksha leaves with Yatharth without answering any of their remarks.

Manav is sitting in the house, Yatharth comes to show his first prize which really rejoices Manav, he explains that he will give Yatharth an ice cream, Vinay calls Manav as he desires to talk with Yatharth, Manav going to Akanksha questions if she is not happy that their son managed to secure the first position, Yathharth exclaims that Khushal jee has shared the video of Akanksha on the mobile in which she is Miss Indore and looking really pretty, Manav tries to stop him however he is really excited, Akanksha comes explaining she doesnot want anyone to talk about Miss Indore ever again in this house as that old Akanksha has died, Manav asks Yatharth to go and play at the house of Vinay however he insists on staying with his mother but Manav sends him.

Manav stops Akanksha who just wants to leave, he explains how he knows that the incidents relating to Miss Indore are not the best memories she has but they are not so big enough to ruin the achievements which she had made as achieving the title of Miss Indore is nothing small, Akanksha explains she is just a laughing stock as this is her biggest failure, she has to face humiliation even today, when all the neighbors were saying that the son of Miss Indore is studying in a government school, Manav asks what is the shame when Akanksha replies she feels that she is a failure because she could not achieve anything that her father desired, as he used to think of her as a celebrity.

Akanksha explains that her father desired her to be the most famous star of India, she explains this was the reason she never wanted to return to Indore because everyone would see her as a failure, Manav questions what is the success and failure because she has him and Yatharth which is in itself an achievement, Akanksha explains that she feels wrong because everyone is saying that the son of Miss Indore is studying in a government school, she is now residing in a government quarter, Manav explains why she did not share this all before as then he would not have felt so bad knowing that she is living in such pain, he would have stood by her side, Akanksha questions what would had changed if she told him, some pains are for a single person and they must live with them, she just wants him to let her live in her own space, Akanksha leaves while Manav is really worried.

Precap: Manav is sitting in the office when Vibhav comes explaining that now the file has come on his desk he must sign it. Maria remembers Akanksha saying she was Miss Indore 2013, Vibhav asks what is her name, she immediately replies Akanksha Awasthi/

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