Manav warns Akanksha to not work with Vibhav Kapoor

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Akanksha questions what does he mean as he himself exclaimed his love but now is saying she is wrong, he asks if she trusts her talent, she assures she does, he questions if she is ready to take her career to new heights then what does it matter who she works with as she must just focus on her work when Akanksha replies that she cares about who she works with and what is their real intention, Vibhav exclaims that it takes a long time for a person to understand their own feeling when they do not take even a second to judge others, she was not able to understand him and his emotions, she requests her to sit down as he desires to show her something. Vibhav starts the screen when he asks if she knows Ankita Joshe, Akanksha exclaims that she is a really good actress when she is also shown one photo about the Miss India, when he finally showing her photo exclaims she must not think that he doesnot have any other choices since all these were sent by Maya, he cares for her because of her talent, Vibhav shows her the ad campaign since it has been a really successful one, Vibhav explains that because of her his flat sales have been really good, which is why he has chosen her for the love story of him and Niharika, and after that people would not only buy the property from them but also a love story. Vibhav apologizes for being so interested in that show, he mentions that in the first stage the show will be performed on stage and if everything goes well then he will also want it on the television, Vibhav exclaims he is also sure that she will be very successful for this project, he says this project is his dream and he wants her to be part of his dream, now she must tell him if she feels the same, he says he has not explained himself in front of anyone but is doing it for her since he respects her, he says that she can take the contract from Ranay but also that she must wait to think about what she prefers.

Manav in the house is constantly thinking about what Altaf said that he will come to his house and take the papers of bungalow from him, Yatharth and Vinay are playing the game when Akanksha comes in the house with a lot of things for the new year party, she asks why did he come back early when he mentions that he was not feeling well, she offers to make tea but he denies it, then she explains she has gotten a new contract and it is worth fifty lacs, he is really amazed and even asks for the contract, Manav is really shocked seeing the name of Kapoor construction.

Vibhav is with Ranay when he receives a call from Altaf, Vibhav asks him to put it on speaker, he asks Altaf if he was able to finish the work and did Bajpayee get scared, Altaf replies that he can make anyone scare but doing this ruined his image since this doesnot go on in their profession, when Ranay explains Manav is not his regular customer and doesnot have any link with his business so why is he worried, because they have paid him for taking back his word, Altaf ends the call. Vibhav asks Ranay what he thinks Manav would do, Ranay replies to the person who returns the amount of the bribe after taking it has no interest in earning from illegal sources, Vibhav replies but now all of his savings have been exhausted and so he would not only request Akanksha but also encourage her to sign the contract.

Akanksha with Manav replies she knew he would only see this on the contract, Manav holds his head in a state of tension saying he asked her to not work with Vibhav but she came with his contract, he said that Vibhav has an evil eye on her but she did not listen to him, Manav says that his contract offering proves his point, Manav says that he is speaking the truth about Vibhav, Akanksha questions if he thinks that she is not worthy about his proposal, Akanksha tries to leave when he says that he thinks she is capable but she has not done anything to earn such an amount, Akanksha says that she was shown the photos of the other models which he rejected because she gave him a lot of views on his ad campaign and it is just pure business, Manav tries to request Akanksha that she must not work with Vibhav Kapoor only for his sake, he explains he has always done everything he can for her but she must just do this for his sake, she however pushes his hand explaining she is ready to lose this once in a life time opportunity if he promises that he will always take the bribe from now on and make sure that he is able to fulfil their desires, Manav after a moment exclaims that she has become an experienced negotiator after spending some time with Vibhav Kapoor, as he has taken a lot of loans just for her happiness but she is now trying to negotiate with him on the one thing which he hates the most, he in anger says that he for the last time warning her to not work with that man, Manav leaves Akanksha standing in complete distress.

Vibhav tries to stop an auto on the side of the road where he is shocked to see Ibrahin and gets a call from Aansh, Manav wonders where did Ibrahim go, Manav thinks he would place the papers in a safe place after then will he think about gathering the money, he is about to be hit by a car when he is shocked because Khushal jee comes, Manav tries to leave but Khushal jee says that he saw Ibrahim in his cabin so if there anything relating to money but Khushal jee even offers to give him money however Manav leaves in the auto.

Akanksha sitting in the bed is crying, she apologizes to Vibhav Kapoor saying that her husband is not giving her the permission and so she will not be able to take a part in his show, she throwing the phone exclaims she hates Manav for this.

Vibhav is with his cloth designer who exclaims that he is choosing really different designs so what is the occasion, Vibhav explains that when life has a lot of adventure then it should also reflect in the clothes, he gets a message on his phone but is shocked to see that Akanksha has refused to sign the contract.

Precap: Akanksha asks Aansh what is going, he reveals the entire truth when she says that she knows what she has to do, Vibhav Kapoor hands her the money, he questions how did Manav change his decision, Akanksha replies that it is her decision since she has decided she will be the one to make the decision regarding her profession.

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