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Babita asks Meet what will she do if Meet Ahlawat forgets her, will she find someone else.
Manushi forces Tej to hit her and runs out and makes him follow her.
Babita asks Meet Ahlawat is love is so week that first chance you get you forget it.
Manushi rushes to everyone, Tej hits her with the vase, Manushi faints, Meet rushes to her and Meet Ahlawat rushes to Tej, and calms him down. Raj asks Ram to call doctor quickly. Everyone gets scared.
Raj takes Tej with him and calms him down and asks Meet Ahlawat to look after Meet and Manushi, Meet Ahlawat picks Manushi to take her to room.

Masum says to Babita, Tej is mentally unstable and its good he has returned but practically its not safe, what just happened is very dangerous and I think we should send him to mental asylum. Babita says Tej goes nowhere, this is Tej’s house too and if anyone has problem they can leave, I won’t stop anyone.

Doctor checks Manushi, and says she is badly injured make sure she is stress free and happy. Meet looks at Manushi. Raj says to Meet we are with you ,all will be fine. Meet says to Raj, can Manushi stay here till she is fine, because no one is home and also how can I send her Rajasthan and doctor has asked to take care of her, I know I’m asking a lot but how can I leave my sister alone, Raj says you don’t need to say all this, Manushi slowly looks at them. Raj says Meet you can keep her here until she feels better but I think Meet Ahlawat should decide if he is fine with letting her stay, Meet says okay.

Tej hiding under table and says don’t hit me stay away, Meet Ahlawat says no one will hit you come sit peacefully and gives him water, Tej keeps crying, Meet Ahlawat wipes his tears and makes him comfortable, and makes his bed. Meet walks in. Tej falls off to sleep, Meet calls Meet Ahlawat out.

Meet Ahlawat walks to Meet and asks how is Manushi, Meet says she is badly injured and doctor has asked to keep her stress free, so can we please let her stay till she feels better and Raj has asked me to discuss with you, so whatever you say, Meet Ahlawat remembers calling hotel and enquiring about Manushi and Tej, and they confirming it and says if I can take care of my brother so can you take care of sister and don’t worry I am not affected by her presence and good we met her because it helped me move on and so do whatever you feel like. Meet says thank you.

Manushi hiding and listening to them says thank god, my risk worked but is it true that Meet Ahlawat has moved on because now I have to play big game so that he falls again for me.

Hoshiyar dressed as farmer to Masum and says get ready with all this because in my village we have to work, also all your plans are failing and I’m scared that Mummy will give all property to Tej, Masum scolds him, Hoshiyar says forget greed lets go back, Masum says I will forget greed now go get coffee for me, Hoshiyar leaves. Masum says Hoshiyar is right I have to do something because first time mom asked me to leave because of mental brother, I have to do something to make my position strong and better

Meet Ahlawat wakes up, and walks to Meet in kitchen, Meet asks whats wrong, Meet Ahlawat says me and Tej would sneak out and eat sweets and icecream, it was fun, try it, Meet says you are right its fun, Meet Ahlawat says without Tej all was so empty here, and we always missed him and lost our happiness, Meet teases Meet Ahlawat and applies ice cream on his.nose to cheer him up, Meet Ahlawat chases her to apply ice cream, Meet scares him that if he applies ice cream she will apply more on his and that will ruin his skin. Meet Ahlawat says okay. Meet keeps her bowl down, Meet Ahlawat pulls her to apply ice cream but it gets on his arm, Meet starts laughing and says you will never win.

Pre cap: Meet asks Dadi and Anubha that will they forgive Manushi.
Anubha loses calm and tries to force Manushi out of Ahlawat house, Manushi tries to commit suicide.
Inspector asks Manushi who forced her to commit suicide, she points at Meet, everyone shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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