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Anubha sees Meet and Milo Ahlawat walking towards her. Anubha says baby both your mom and dad are coming. A truck rapidly approaches the cab. Meet Ahlawat and meet the crowd in the cab. The trunk collides with the cab and it falls off a cliff. Everyone runs towards the cliff. Meet and meet Ahlawat with shock. Manushi in tears.

Meet Ahlawat looks at Meet and walks by him. Pop confused.

Meet wakes up in the hospital and asks Popat where his mother and baby are. Popat says cab is completely burnt, Anubha is safe but came and your baby is no more. Meat says they may not have checked properly, I will go and check. Popat shouted at the meat, the police said that the child is no more. Meet the break

Meet Ahlawat in shock sitting alone. Meet remembers seeing your child. Meet Ahlawat remembers the words and the whole incident and screams with pain.

Babita is waiting for meet and baby and says I never welcomed after marriage but today I will wholeheartedly and ask Ragini if ​​all arrangements are done and wish Raj would be here. Milo walks with Popat. Babita gets excited seeing him and asks where is Junior Ahlawat. Ram comes out to check in the car, he goes inside and says no one is outside. Babita says don’t test my patience and tell where is the baby. Meet start crying. Babita gets uncomfortable and asks where is baby. Popat says baby is dead. Everyone in shock. Popat narrated the whole incident and Anubha was found lying unconscious near the car and the child was no more.

Sunaina says to Meet, how can you do this, I can never become a mother and you lost your child because of Manushi. Babita says the sister who stole your child made your life hell, if you had not saved her then our child would have been alive, why did you do this. Ragini says meet we were all waiting but you die every moment baby was not here, how can you do this. Milo is leaving, Milo Ahlawat walks, Milo hugs him and starts crying. Meet says I need you the most today. Meet Ahlawat, I tried to handle myself these days, now I am tired, forgive me, I could not bring my son back.

Barfi Devi pushes Meet away and a woman dresses up as a bride. Everyone in shock. Meet asks Ahlawat who is this girl and why is she dressed as a bride and after you, say something. Meet Ahlawat says she is my wife, I married her.

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