Meethi Rescues Aditya From Villagers

Imlie 8th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dulari provoke villagers to punish Aditya. They are about to beat Adi when Meethi comes to his rescue and shoos them away. Adi tries to touch her feet. She stops him and says if she cannot curse him, she cannot even bless him; she is Seeta maiya’s devotee and cannot see even her enemy in trouble; now he should go his way and she will her way. Adi leaves. Meethi confronts Dulari for trying to harm Adi. Dulari gets angry and asks her to think about her daughter. Adi meets terrorist Aatank’s aide Chand and asks him to fix a meeting with him. Chand says Aatank doesn’t meet anyone so easily.

Meethi calls Imlie and informs her about Aditya reaching there safely. Imlie asks her to keep an eye on him and protect him till he is there. Adi tells Chand that he will not take monster Aatank’s story but will take interview of the people who are troubled by Aatank. He calls them in for interview. In Delhi, Imlie asks news broadcaster to show show Pagdandiya/PGD’s news feed. He forwards her Aditya’s news feed. Imlie watches it, walks to Aryan and asks what is he trying to do as PGD people hate terrorists and city people, so he will create trouble Aditya if he lets him divert from his topic. She shows villagers’ interview clip. Aryan says he is not here for charity, their company will be in profits if Aditya brings terrorists interview in 24 hours or else Aditya will fail in his assignment. Imlie says he will not fail and walks away. Aryan thinks she trusts Aditya even now, but her trust will break with Aditya’s blood.

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