Mere Sai 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Gayatri’s alliance gets fixed

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Gayatri runs outside looking for Sai. Where have you disappeared? You promised me not to stop composing poems and study. Everything including my freedom is being snatched from me today. Ajji reprimands her for coming out like that. Please behave if you want my son not to feel insulted. She notices the groom approaching their house with his family. She sends Gayatri inside with Uma. Uma complies.

The groom’s mother asks for Gayatri. Ajji asks Uma to bring Gayatri. Gayatri refuses but then goes outside with her mother reluctantly. They like her in the first glance. Ajji praises Gayatri. Groom’s father asks Gayatri her age. She remains quiet. Groom’s mother and Ajji ask Gayatri to speak up. Gayatri remains silent. Uma gestures Gayatri to speak. Gayatri tells her age. Groom’s father asks her what she can do apart from household chores. Gayatri shares that she writes poems. He is taken aback. What kind of an interest is this? It is no add-on to the chores. You should learn to sew, decorate, cook. Women shouldn’t invest time in things like poetry. Ajji agrees. Girls have to get married so we dint stop her. We will train her all the skills before marriage. Groom’s mother offers to teach the rest. How much has she studied? Supaan shares that she has studied till 4th. Uma adds that Gayatri wants to study further. Supaan says we have decided not to send her to school anymore. Groom’s father seconds him. She should know how to make basic calculations. They tend to not gel easily when they miss their marriageable age. Ajji agrees. Gayatri rues that she has no one to seek help from if her loved ones wont understand her. Who will come to my rescue?

Srikanth ji tells Keshav he is worried. Sai left without informing anyone. Keshav reminds him of Kashaba’s words. Sai is always where He is needed the most. Srikanth ji says I think Gayatri needs Him the most right now. Keshav is sure there must be something urgent which Sai is attending. Tatya says Sai will surely fulfil His promise. He assures Srikanth ji that He will take care of Gayatri’s problem. He might be anywhere but He will come up with a solution at any cost. He might be trying to fix her problem at this very moment.

Das Ganu cleans Sai’s idol and folds hands reverently. Om Sai Ram! Sai asks him to come to Shirdi asap. Das Ganu smiles. I want to visit you since so long. You have called me after so many days. I am coming right away. Om Sai Ram!

Groom’s father tells Supaan that they like Gayatri and his family. His wife adds that Gayatri is lovely and well-mannered. They say yes for the marriage. Supaan gives them laddoos. We are very happy that our daughter will become a part of your family. Gayatri runs to her room and cries. Groom’s parents get tensed. What happened to her? Ajji covers up saying that she is feeling shy. I did the same thing when my marriage was fixed. They decide to finalize the alliance day after tomorrow. The groom does not look happy. Gayatri requests God to help her. Stop this marriage at any cost. I know you cannot come but you can send someone for sure.

Das Ganu says I don’t know the reason why you are calling me to Shirdi but the idea of going to Shirdi makes me happy. I will reach soon. He packs his trunk.

An old man reaches Dwarkamai. Everyone is gathered there as well. Bheeva asks Tatya where Sai could be. Tatya says we don’t know about it but He will come back whenever it is time. Chandu asks why they made preps for pravachan when Sai isn’t here. Srikanth ji reasons that everything will go as per ritual even if Sai isn’t present. Pravachan will start on time. Keshav stops the old man from leaving. Why are you leaving without even coming inside? Why are you sad? Can we help you? The old man shares that his name is Veer Das. I am an artist by profession. I came here to meet Sai. I have heard a lot about Him. He is my last hope now. I have started to lose my vision. I visited Vaid who told me that I will turn blind soon. An artist’s life is a waste without eyes which is why I came to meet Sai. I have heard that He can fix anything. What’s the point of staying when He isn’t around? Keshav suggests him to wait. Sai might return. Veer Das ji says I could have stayed but I have decided to leave as no one here knows anything about His whereabouts or when He will return. I must reach home before it gets dark. It becomes difficult to see then. Keshav requests him to stay for some more time. He might be here any time. He will feel bad if He finds out that you couldn’t meet Him. Stay for the pravachan. I will take you home safely. Veer Das ji thinks that God might not want his vision to be recovered which is why he came here at this time. Only God knows whether I will be able to draw again or not. He agrees to stay. Keshav takes him inside.

Pravachan starts. Veer Das ji thinks that he is probably an unlucky person who isn’t destined to see Sai.

Gayatri burns her hand while cooking. She is thinking about Sai and is distracted. Supaan dips her hand in the water. He asks his wife where she is lost when Gayatri is hurt. Uma reasons that no one will tend to her burns in her new home. She is about to get married after all. Let her learn this too. Supaan tells Gayatri that her mother is right. He leaves.

Villagers continue to sing bhajans. Veer Das ji starts sketching with a bleak vision. He completes the sketch and looks at it. He is shocked as he can see it clearly.

Precap: Gayatri asks Baizama about Sai. She is hurt to know that Sai left day before yesterday. He made a promise me to. Srikanth ji looks on. Baizama tells her that He may not be around but He is always with His devotees. Gayatri is leaving when she notices something.

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