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Sarkar mocks Salim. I have heard that your gramophone got stolen. This is what happens when a lowly person tries to copy a rich person. You have no status. Expensive stuff can stay put in rich homes only. They will be stolen when kept in a hut! You were trying to match my status! See how you will fall from the sky now. You won’t be able to stand on your feet. Those, who were treating you as a special person won’t even look at you! Show-off can only let you shine for a few days! Sai tells Sarkar that everything except God is perishable. Everything else may or may not be there tomorrow. Hope you don’t go through a similar experience like Salim tomorrow. Give up your ego. Sarkar gets off his palanquin. Are you trying to scare me? You are wishing me ill? Sai denies. You are misunderstanding me. I am everyone’s well-wisher, including you. I am just warning you. Sarkar refuses to believe His words. Worry about the one who you are pretending to be support. Tell me one thing though. You know everything. Why couldn’t you stop the theft? Why can’t you find his gramophone? It is because you are a sham, a fake! Stay in your limits in front of me and worry about yourself. People will begin to doubt you after knowing that you couldn’t help your age old devotee! He leaves with his men.

Salim tells Sai they have checked the entire village. Now even I am sure I won’t find my gramophone ever. Sai suggests Salim to go to Sakori. It is right next to our village. Maybe the thief went there. Ramdas ji praised you a lot and told you to approach him if you need anything. I am sure he will ask his men to help. Salim agrees. Sai decides to accompany him.

Police comes to Salim’s house as Kakasaheb has filed a complaint against Salim. Baizama refuses to believe it that Kakasaheb can file such a case but they are told that it is true. Salim must either complete the order or we will be bound to arrest Salim. You have till tomorrow. Ali, Rihana and Baizama are stunned. Rihana breaks down as police leaves. Baizama tells her to have faith. Rihana says we spent the advance in getting the stuff. How will we complete the order by tomorrow? Ali offers to discuss the matter with Kakasaheb. Baizama shares that he left Shirdi today morning. Rihana wonders what they will do now. We were given an advance of Rs. 50. Salim was so distracted that we were not able to do much. He spent some money in looking after the guests. We lost the gramophone but it has doomed us for real! Baizama comforts her. Everything will be fine. Rihana cries. She prays to Sai for help. Save my family from this trouble.

Salim and Sai reach Ramdas ji’s place. Salim greets Ramdas ji and tells him everything. He requests Ramdas ji with folded hands. Ramdas ji rues that he fought with Sarkar for this lowly person when he couldn’t even keep his gramophone safe. He is a fool! He refuses to help Salim. He tells his assistant to send Salim away if he comes here again. Salim feels bad. Sai tells Salim not to worry. Maalik will fix everything. You can spend time with these people again once you find your gramophone. Salim refuses to be with such selfish people again. I only need my gramophone. It is the only thing that matters to me now. Sai smiles.

Salim is exhausted and tells Sai that he cannot walk anymore. Sai peeks inside His bag but it is empty. They see a house nearby. Sai tells him to have faith. God is very kind. Let’s see if we can find anything there. They approach the house. Sai requests for some food from the owner. He welcomes them inside and asks his wife to serve them food. She asks them to have a seat. Forgive me as we only have bread. We don’t have vegetables. Salim notices her emptying her container. It won’t be enough for you two either. The man tells them not to worry. Eat to your heart’s content. Our mother has taught us to share the food. We have a guava tree which bears delicious fruit. Plus, our goat has started giving milk as well. They sit down. Salim looks at the house. 2 kids come running there. We got coconut in Prasad. Please make chutney. She agrees. She tells Salim and Sai that they will get to eat chutney as well. Kids sit down to play. They ask Salim if he will play. He politely declines. Sai says who says that toys bring happiness. Salim nodes. They don’t even have toys. We were never stable financially but we gave everything to Ali. They don’t have any means of happiness or stuff at home. Wish we hadn’t come here. Sai says things aren’t needed here as they have filled it with happiness. Maalik has blessed you with a lot but are you happy?

The husband and wife have made chutney and bread. Kids keep banana leaves in front of Sai and Salim. The couple serves them food and sits down. Sai asks them to eat as well. The lady says we wont like it if you will go on an empty stomach. Eat one bread at least. Consider me your daughter. How will you say no to your daughter? Sai nodes. Their son praises the chutney that their Baba makes. His sister asks him if he has ever eaten delicious snacks. He shakes his head. I don’t need anything in front of this chutney. Everyone smiles.

Sai and Salim offer their prayers. Sai takes a bite. Prabhuji Kare Sahay plays. Sai and the family members smile. Salim looks at Sai and is a little overwhelmed. Sai and Salim take leave from the family. The kid asks them to visit again. We loved meeting you. Sai pats at the kids’ heads lovingly. Sai agrees and invites them to Shirdi. I make blankets. I need honest people for my work. It does not pay a lot but it is enough to feed us. Consider me as a part of your family as the kids have called me Kaka. They nod gratefully. Sai and Salim leave. The man is overjoyed to have found work. Seems like God has sent them! Their eyes widen in shock and surprise as they step inside. The lady remarks that God Himself had come to their house. The kitchen is filled with every possible resource. They fold hands.

Precap: Sai asks Salim for more water. Salim asks the lady at the well who she is. Why are you here at this hour? She shares that she is Vasundhara. I have something that belongs to you and have come to return that only. Salim looks taken aback to see something.

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