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All 3 of them fold hands.

Ashwaan ji says Sai’s greatness was revealed at a young age. After all, the kid who is protected by a 5 headed snake cannot be an ordinary one. Everyone smiles and says Bolo Sai ki Jai.

Sarkar waits with Andrew at his house but no one has turned up. Andrew tells Sarkar he is disappointed by his absence. How will you convince them to build the road this way? Sarkar asks Santa and Banta about the villagers. They share that villagers are listening to Sai’s story. Andrew tells Sarkar that he has wasted his time. Now you will have to convey our message to villagers and convince them. Otherwise, I will choose a person who is more capable than you! He leaves. Sarkar scolds the few villagers who had turned up. Santa and Banta tell Sarkar to calm down. We can forcibly bring the villagers if you want. sarkar hits them. You should have done this before Andrew came here. Run away before I beat you badly!

Sarkar overhears Keshav telling his mother about Sai’s story. I thought that Fakir is out of the picture but now this person is telling fake stories about Fakir. He is encouraging devotion in people by using Fakir’s name. I must throw him out of Shirdi first thing tomorrow!

Next morning, villagers have gathered to hear more about Sai’s life. Ashwaan ji is about to begin when Sarkar tells him to stop. He points at Ashavaan ji to the police. He is the one who is hindering the work. Arrest him! Baizama call it a lie. Srikanth ji adds that they have been against the idea of ​​this road since the beginning. You also know our reason. We don’t need someone else to tell us this small thing. Sarkar says you will take his (Ashavaan ji) side as he is praising your beloved Sai. If you had so many problems with the proposal then you should have come to my home to speak to me directly but he is holding you back! Ashavaan ji says it isn’t my intention. Sarkar asks him if the villagers weren’t here when they were supposed to be at my place. Didn’t you have any discussion about it with them? Ashwaan ji admits that he was told about it. Sarkar asks him what his opinion is on the matter. Ashavaan ji says I understand their concern. How is it right to break someone’s home? Sarkar tells Inspector that Ashavaan ji’s thoughts are stopping villagers. Arrest him. Inspector handcuffs Ashavaan ji shocking the villagers. Dhuni starts burning brightly. Ashavaan ji smiles looking at the handcuffs. Om Sai Ram! Inspector and Sarkar look down and are shocked to see flower band around Ashavaan ji’s hands. Villagers are surprised to see it too. Sarkar wonders if Farki’s friend knows this too or if it Fakir’s black magic only. He tells Inspector this is black magic. Arrest him and put him in jail.

Baizama tells Inspector this is Sai. He is saving His well-wisher if when He isn’t around. Nanasaheb seconds her. I heard everything when I came here. I also heard what Ashavaan ji said. It was his personal opinion which he expressed when Sarkar had asked him. It does not mean that he instigated anyone. Every citizen has a right to express his views. Also, police needs warrant before arresting someone. Do you have it? Inspector looks down. Nanasaheb says Kashaba is telling us Sai’s story. It is neither a crime nor illegal. Inspector asks Sarkar if he has another proof. Nanasaheb is right. We cannot arrest Kashaba and present this in court. He apologizes to Nanasaheb for rushing into this decision and leaves. Sarkar tells villagers not to think that they have won. You will soon realize that it was a big mistake that you did not listen to us. You will regret it. He walks away in a huff.

Ashavaan ji removes the flowers gently and touches it to his head. Why worry when Sai is the protector? Let’s continue the story. Villagers smile. Everyone sits down again.

Ashwaan ji says He became everyone’s favorite. Someone would come to see him throughout the day.

Villagers keep coming to meet Sai.

Ashavaan ji says there was only one problem. Kid was growing but he hadn’t said a word till date. He neither called Mai Ma or Anna Baba.

Gayatri asks her mother for food. She goes to give food to Gayatri. Mai asks Sai if He isn’t hungry. He remains quiet.

Few ladies are talking near the well. They sympathize with Mai as their son hasn’t spoken till date. It is a burden to have such a kid! It would have been better to not have a baby instead. Mai looks at them. God will give Him His voice just like God blessed us with Him. I have faith that my son will speak one day. She leaves. A lady wonders what miracle Mai is hoping for. It’s been 4 years already.

Ashwaan ji says Mai and Anna kept waiting. Their son was 4 year old yet He dint speak. They did every possible thing that they could think of but nothing worked. He turned 8 year old in some time. Baizama is puzzled. His words soothe everyone. Why did God punish Mai and Anna like that? Ashavaan ji smiles. Who said that Mai was sad? Mai and Anna were desperately waiting for Him to talk but they weren’t sad. He had brought a lot of happiness in their lives.

Mai and Anna watch Sai clapping heartily as He plays with the kids. Anna asks Mai what she is thinking. Mai says our son is so talented. I think God dint give Him voice for a reason.

A lady asks Ashavaan ji when Sai spoke for the first time. Ashavaan ji says everyone felt something divine when Sai finally broke His Maun-vrat.

Mai is grinding turmeric when a pundit ji stops outside their house. He continues looking at Sai. Mai greets him. He raises his hand silently and walks towards Sai in trance. Mai asks Sai to greet pundit ji. Sai bends down to touch his feet but the pundit ji stops Him. You cannot bow to me. Mai asks him the reason. Pundit ji says the entire universe is supposed to bow to Him. Who am I to bless Him? Mai is confused. What do you mean? Pundit ji says I feel as if His words will enlighten the world for good. Mai smiles. It cannot be true. In all honesty, no one will be able to hear His voice as He does not talk. He hasn’t said a single word in 8 years. Pundit ji nodes. It means He is gaining experience. The moment He starts talking, He will show a new path to everyone. He will enlighten everyone! Make preps for His upnayan ceremony. I will do the ritual myself tomorrow. Mai folds her hands gratefully. Sai smiles.

Precap: Pundit ji asks Sai to speak now. People need your guidance in Kalyug. A man tells him to stop. You are disrespecting our God by comparing this kid to Him. He won’t be able to do anything! The weather turns bad.

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