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The Episode starts with Kajol asking Anurag not to do any drama and says baraat has come, and marriage is about to happen, there was a theft in the house and Police had come. Anurag stops her. Dida asks Priyanka about Anurag. Anurag says I have always solved your problems and asks him to tell the reason and solve his problem. Kajol says you are asking me the reason, and running behind me when you like Pri…Just then Dida comes there and asks Anurag what is he doing here? She asks Priyanka to take Anurag from here. Priyanka asks him to come. Anurag goes with her, while looking at Kajol. Dida then scolds Kajol and asks if you don’t have any work in your sister’s marriage, that you are romancing with my grand son and warns her not to be seen with him. She thinks I will see, how can anyone come in Anurag’s life other than Priyanka. Chandrika tells Naina that Arjun is looking nice. Naina smiles. They sit together. Priyanka tells Anurag that she will talk to Kajol on his behalf and says everything will be fine. Dida calls Anurag. Anurag goes to her. Kajol thinks why he comes near me, when I try to go far from him. Priyanka comes there and holds Kajol’s hand. She says I don’t understand how to thank you. Kajol asks why Anurag is asking me the reason. Priyanka says he is sensible, but can’t handle his emotions. Kajol says he is asking me the reason for the breakup, when you are with him. Priyanka thinks she has to handle Kajol and says it is strange.

Kajol says you came to my house crying and said that you and Anurag wanted to marry. She says now he is asking me the reason, and asks whom does he love, you or me. She says I will clear everything today and asks her to come. Priyanka says I will not come, and says you are hurrying up and not understanding the situation. She says Anurag is confused about his emotions and don’t know what to do. She says I have to come with him, on his insistence. She says he couldn’t differentiate between love and sympathy. She says we both love a person, who is confused about his emotions. She says I love him a lot and can’t leave him in this situation. I love him and will support him till my last breath. Anurag thinks what is Priyanka talking to Kajol? Priyanka says you might be thinking it as one sided love and asks her to come to Anurag’s birthday party tomorrow. Kajol says I am trusting you and don’t want to become reason for someone’s sadness. Priyanka says you will believe tomorrow and thinks I won’t let you catch my lie, and will show you such a scene in the birthday party, that all your doubts will be cleared. She asks Kajol if she will come. Kajol says yes.

Naina and Arjun exchange garlands. Shreya thinks why Police is taking so much time, and thinks drama shall happen before the bidaai. She calls Inspector. Priyanka comes to Anurag and says Kajol told that she has her own reasons and can’t tell. Anurag says I will talk to her. Priyanka asks him not to create a scene, as marriage is happening here and asks him to come. Kajol looks at them and thinks he was never mine, he had done so much for me and my family, I shall think good about him.

Shreya ties the gatbandhan. Naina thinks very soon I will be with Arjun in his house and in his embrace. She thinks I will be away from this middle class troubles and from this house. They hold hand and take the rounds. Everyone throw flower petals on them. Kajol looks out of the window. Arjun fills Naina’s maang with sindoor. Kajol talks to Vishu’s pic and says she doesn’t know what to do? Anurag says I love Kajol and will love her till my last breath. Kajol says my family is important to me, and I shall not care if I don’t get my love. She thinks baba’s money shall be found and the problems will be sorted. Daddy asks Anurag and Priyanka to come and have food. Anurag refuses. Dida says don’t know how these middle class people have made the food. Anurag says please. Dida asks him to come and asks Priyanka to take her to the washroom. Sharmila asks her to come. Dida asks Priyanka if she will accept defeat from Kajol and will you let him go. Priyanka says for me, Anurag’s happiness matters. Dida asks her to do something and drags him to her. She says I have given you the bangle and asks her to do as she says.

Sharmila tells Anurag that she will take his alliance with Kajol. Priyanka comes there and tells Anurag that she will feed him food. Dida acts to fall down. Kajol comes to her. Dida taunts her and says both sisters have planned well, one wants business man guy and other wants Doctor. She thinks Priyanka might have reached Anurag by now and asks Kajol to take her outside. Kajol takes her outside and sees Priyanka making Anurag eat the food. Dida says I am very happy today and wanted to see him settled down with a beautiful girl of a good house. Kajol goes inside. Dida smiles.

Pishimaa comes to Kajol and asks her to have something. Kajol asks why did you trouble yourself. Pishimaa says you have to sit in the room and can’t attend your sister’s marriage. She asks if you can see anything from here. She looks down the window and says Dr. Anurag’s sight is looking for you and he loves you a lot. Kajol thinks he loves Priyanka and not me.

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