Naina eyes the recovered money from the goons

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The Episode starts with Kajol seeing Anurag in her room and asks you are here? She is about to go. Anurag asks what did you do this with me, my heart and mind to say that we are made for each other. He says I have loved you for the first time in my life and can surely say that the connection which we had, was not having with anyone. He says I can’t live without you. Kajol says you just thinks about yourself and says others have limitation and helplessness too. She says before someone comes here, please go. Rajesh tells Chandana that he came to doubled the happiness, and asks if Kajol hasn’t told you. Chandana says I sent her to her room, just as she came. She asks him to say. Rajesh tells that all the money is recovered which was stolen, and tells that this all happened due to Dr. Anurag. Naina says this all happened due to my marriage auspiciousness. Chandana says I can’t take the money which took Vishu’s death. Pishimaa pacifies her. Rajesh says it is 50 lakhs and asks them to keep it in the safe. Naina says 50 lakhs and says she will keep it in the safe. Chandana stops her and says Kajol will keep it. Dr. Anurag asks Kajol why did she agree and then refusing, and asks why did you stop me. Kajol says I did a mistake, I am sorry. She says I have changed my mind, nothing can happen between us. Anurag says how easily you have told and says you have changed in a day and asks how can you be so heartless, and asks if there is a heart or stone in your heart. Kajol asks him to see himself, and asks if he is not heartless and has broken someone’s heart and feelings. She asks you have betrayed someone. Anurag asks what are you saying? Kajol says didn’t you do what you have done with Priyanka? Anurag asks what happened? Kajol says she don’t want to tell him and asks him to leave. Chandana comes there and says God has heard us. She comes inside. Kajol thinks it was her imagination. Chandana tells that Durga Maa heard us and tells that Rajesh gave us the good news that we got the stolen money. Shyam says now we can take a peaceful breath. Rajesh says we shall thank Dr. Anurag. Chandana says we will be freed from a burden with this money. She misses Vishu. Kajol says even I am missing baba and hugs her. Chandana hopes Naina’s marriage shall happen without any hurdles. Kajol asks her not to worry. Chandana asks her to come and take the money.

Sharmila calls Anurag. Priyanka picks the call. Anurag is in the hospital and sleeping. Dida thinks Kajol is on call and asks Sharmila to ask her to give call to Anurag. Priyanka says she is with Anurag and ends the call, just as Dida takes the call. Dida thinks the small house girls rejected my call. Sharmila thinks how did Anurag’s phone come to Priyanka?

Shyam blesses Anurag. Naina says he helped for his advantage and says nobody helps without any benefit. Rajesh says I am sorry, but such thing shall not be spoken about him. Pishimaa taunts Naina and asks Rajesh to thank Anurag. Kajol thinks she will always be thankful to him. Anurag comes home. Sharmila asks him to have food. Anurag refuses. Dida says you don’t have time for me and says don’t know what Kajol has done with you. Anurag shouts and says Kajol haven’t done anything.

He says I am a bit worried. Dida says why he got angry, and says she will see Kajol. Rajesh gives money to Kajol and asks her to keep it in safe. He says we will deposit the money in the bank and will see what to do. Kajol says we will get the press free and will do the investment with this money. She asks Chandana to spend money in Naina’s marriage with open hands. Chandana gives her keys and asks her to keep the money in safe. Naina wishes to have the money.

Kabir comes to Kajol’s house and tells that Maa is fulfilling mannat in the temple and asks Naina to keep her hand on the things. Naina keeps hand on the things. Kajol comes there and gives keys to Chandana, saying she has kept money in the locker. Naina stars the keys. Shreya notices her and thinks from where did they get the money. Amrita comes to Kajol and greets her. Kajol hugs her and asks if she is fine. Amrita asks her to marry Anurag and says he is the most genuine man. She asks her to marry him and says you both are match made in heaven.

Shreya tells Naina that she will teach her their customs. Naina thinks you will teach me? Shreya asks what happened? Naina says nothing is important than my marriage and goes. Shreya thinks something is going on in her mind.

Anurag looks at the ring. He goes to bathroom and takes shower. Kajol cries in her room. He thinks Kajol is hiding something and thinks to know the truth from her. Kajol cries and thinks you have hurt me and broken my heart, I will never meet you.

Precap will be added later.

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