Nima Denzongpa 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Nima Denzongpa 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Nima is worried about Sia. Mania says she will come back soon. Nima says my Sia’s heart broke because of me being stubborn, I didn’t know she liked Shiv so much. Mania says it all happened fast, she didn’t show her feelings before. Nima says I thought it was just a crush. Mania says you have struggled a lot in life, you didn’t want Sia’s heart to break that’s why you were against relationships for us, you can’t stop us from getting our hearts broken but you can help us cope up and move on.

Shiv comes to Sia and says you wanted to talk? Sia looks away. Shiv says I know you are shocked, my heart broke and thought I would never fall in love, my mom asked me to marry so I went ahead with it. Marriage can be without love but we can still support each other. Sia says I am happy for you. Shiv shows her his wedding photos. Sia says you both look nice. Shiv says I am sorry, I needed time so I didn’t contact you before. He says your mother called me yesterday but I couldn’t talk to her. I thought she was near my house also. Say sorry to her, he leaves. Sia thinks why was Ayi calling him?

Paras is waiting for Mania in a restaurant, he says I am so nervous. Mania arrives there and says this place is cool. Paras is sweating. Mania asks if he is fine? She holds his hand. Paras says you are giving me strength. Mania looks at the menu and says this place is expensive. Paras says don’t think that. Mania orders a coffee for herself, Paras orders the same. Mania asks what happened? Paras says this is my first time.. actually.. Mania says you are scared like you are going to propose to me. Paras says that’s it, I feel so many things for you. I like you a lot. Mania is stunned. Paras says I am so sorry, just forget it. Mania says thank God you are back to your real self, I like sweet and simple Paras. You are so cute but you can fight the goons. I like that Paras. Paras says you like me? Really? Mania says I have feelings for you, I always wished for a guy like you, you make me feel lucky. You don’t know much about me. Paras says you really like me? He gets excited. Nima calls Mania and says Sia is not picking up my call. Mania says I am coming home. She ends the call. Mania says I have some family problem, I will go now. She leaves from there.

Suresh brings Suman to the market. Suman says Paras left with Hemant? He says yes. Suresh says Asha is stealing from the house. He tells her everything and says Asha is not a good woman. Suman says I should tell about this to Maaji. Suresh says Asha will make a scene if we don’t have a proof against her. I have a plan.

Sia is going back home. A colleague says we are cutting a cake for Shiv. All office employees gather around Shiv. A manager makes Sia stand with Shiv and says you both are good friends. Shiv smiles and cuts the cake. Sia looks on. Shiv offers her cake, Sia sadly takes it and looks away. A girl asks Shiv to video call his wife so they all can meet. Shiv video calls his wife, Sia is hurt seeing him smile. She leaves from there. Shiva looks on.
Sia is leaving her office and is in a daze. She is about to fall down but Nima-Mania arrive there. Nima hugs her. Sia cries and says it’s good that you both are here, how did you know I needed you both? What are you doing here? I didn’t tell anyone about Shiv. Sia recalls how Nima called Shiv. She asks Nima why did you call Shiv? Did you go to meet him yesterday? Nima says let’s go home and talk there. Mania goes to call for an auto.

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