Nima tries to fight the blackmailers

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Scene 1
Sia meets Suresh and tells him about Nima’s plan. Suresh says I have already arranged the money just in case. I will stay nearby so call me if anything goes wrong. Suresh comes to his house. Tulika says I will this money safe. Suresh says no, I will keep it with myself. Tulika had hidden a mic in Suresh’s purse. She tries to hear Sia and Suresh’s talk. She is stunned to hear about Mania’s plan. Tulika says they are playing a game with us, she calls her father and says we are in trouble.

Maaji tells Dinesh that Babita might tell everything to Paras so send your man and ask him to steal Paras’s phone, he won’t be able to talk to Babita then.

Nima, Mania, Sia and Nari come to the site. Nima asks Mania to go and says we will be with you. Mania says I will be careful. Nima says just be wary. The blackmailer calls them and says we have changed the location and says Nima will bring the money. Nima says okay. She ends the call and says we will follow our plan only. Nari says how will you wear a jacket with your saree? Nima says I have a plan. Nima changes her clothes and were a shirt and a jacket which has a mic and a video camera. Sia goes in a corner and calls Suresh, she tells him about the new location. He says I am coming there.

Nima comes to the blackmailer’s side and looks around. He asks her to bring the money back. Nima takes the empty bag and starts going to them. It’s all dark there. Mania thinks how will she record anything here? The blackmailer asks if she brought the money? Nima says yes. Her daughters hide and look on. Nima tells the blackmailer that we have arranged the money so delete my daughter’s video. He says we will delete it when we get our money. Nari says we don’t have a network here so it means Nima’s video won’t be going live online. Our plan is failing. Nima gives the empty bag to the blackmailer and starts leaving but he stops her. He says wait till I check the bag. Nima gets tensed. The blackmailer starts opening the bag. Mania says we have to do something, she asks Sia to make a video. The blackmailer checks the bag and it has fake money. He shouts at Nima but Mania comes there and says don’t blackmail us, give us some more time. The blackmailer says I will release the video now. Mania whispers to Nima that Sia is trying to make their video as our plan failed. The blackmailer goes in a corner and says Suresh is not here with the money till now. Tulika tries to talk to him but he hears a beating.

Kanchan tells Shiv that I will go to my mother’s house, Shiv says you are over-reacting. Kanchan says then tell me why did you agree to me marry me suddenly? Answer me and be honest. What is going on between you and Sia? Shiv says we are just colleagues. Kanchan asks if there was something between you both before? Shiv says I had feelings for her but Sia is engaged and never had feelings for me. Kanchan says I don’t care if she is engaged, don’t say she doesn’t like you, I am not a fool. She cries and leaves the house.

Tulika calls her father and says I can’t call the blackmailer, Suresh hasn’t reached there so send someone there. The blackmailer says the boss is saying to beat them. Nima gets worried. Sia thinks where is Suresh? The goons catch Sia making their video. The blackmailer takes out his gun and says if I don’t get my money

Suresh is in the rickshaw going to the blackmailer’s site but it hits a man. The man says I will drag you to the police station. Suresh says you look fine to me. The man asks him to give him some money. Suresh says I don’t have much money. The man sees the bag and tries to snatch it from him. Suresh pushes him away and asks the driver to take him to the site.
The episode ends.

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