Nisha & Siddhant make things difficult for Genda.

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Genda says to Varun, she will have to take care of house and shop, Varun says you relax and go home, I will manage here, Genda says I will come back soon.
Genda tries to get auto, Siddhant gives her a call, Genda gets in auto, Siddhant asks her when is she coming to complete her second condition, she has to come to his house 2 hr daily without informing anyone. Genda says how will she, Siddhant says he doesn’t care and she has to come to his place right away.

Nisha smells the soaked clothes and they stinking because Nisha has added onion juice to it, to trouble Genda.
Dad asks Siddhant will Genda come, Siddhant says she will have to, I have made arrangements for her and if she doesn’t come she will have to pay heavy price.

Nisha chooses saree to dress up in drama Genda is going to face. Shivam comes to her and says mummy wash Dadi and Dadu’s clothes they are stinking. Nisha says why will your mom do all the work, go study. Shivam leaves, Nisha wishes Genda doesn’t come home soon.
Genda arrives at Siddhant’s house.
Nisha gets dressed and says Genda will understand today she can’t handle shop or house. Door bell rings, Nisha hopes its not Genda so that her plan doesn’t fail.
Door bell rings at Siddhant’s house, he goes open door hoping its Genda.

Siddhant opens door and sees Genda, he smiles at her and welcomes her inside, Siddhant says happy to see a helpless women like you. Genda says quickly tell me what you want. Genda gets call from Nisha and says to Siddhant, I have a lot of work to do, tell me what you want, Siddhant says I heard you like decorating things and love to cook. Genda says so, Siddhant says when Agarwal’s and sons will be done and dusted and SS Creations will throw a great grand celebration for my mall and invite many VIP’s, celebrities and I want you to organize the party, the party for my success, you will have no assistant or no caterer because you will cook all the food by yourself. Genda says I will organize a party and your guests won’t forget it because it will be celebration for my success, and you lost to this helpless woman and so it will be a grand party. Siddhant says let time decide that but lets start today for party and you will cook one dish daily and I will judge it, menu is already decided, Siddhant’s secretary hands Genda menu, Siddhant says lets start with my fav dessert Gajar halwa. Genda thinks she has to manage shop and Nisha keeps calling too, Genda asks is this some joke Siddhant and so many carrot, Siddhant says its a test don’t complicate it, like you are.

Nisha sees Dhobi, Nisha gets angry and thinks this Genda is so smart she sent a dhobi, Dhobi asks Nisha for clothes, Nisha says I have tea on gas I will come soon and goes to kitchen and says I won’t let Genda win, I have to do something and goes to Kundan’s room and asks him to come out, she has made him tea, Kundan says I don’t feel like, get it here, Nisha thinks let me do it Genda way and says Papaji come sit with everyone, you will feel better, even Manish is waiting for you, Kundan says okay.

Genda starts grating carrot.

Kundan walks to Manish outside, Nisha gets tea and thinks why hasn’t Kundan reacted looking at dhobi, and gives Kundan tea, Nisha goes to give one cup to dhobi, Kundan asks who is he, Nisha says he is here to wash clothes, Kundan says Nisha I gave you responsibility of this house, you know we do work on our own, Nisha asks dhobi to leave, and says Papaji I respect all rules here and I didn’t call him, Genda did. Kundan gets angry, Nisha says she has to manage house and shop, poor thing, Kundan says let her go shop but she has some responsibility, I will wash these clothes if she can’t, and do tell her Nisha, if I don’t t see these clothes washed by tomorrow, I will wash them and only Genda has to wash them and leaves. Manish says this Genda keeps ruining thoughts. Nisha thinks this was so much fun, Genda won’t be able to give Papaji clothes tomorrow and then Papaji will step in and then it wilp be big drama.

Genda prepares halwa, Genda gets call from Varun, she doesn’t receive call thinking what will she tell Varun.

Pre cap: Siddhant tastes halwa and says it’s yuk.
Varun calls Nisha to connect to Genda. Nisha says she isnt here. Varun gets worried and thinks Genda is hiding something.

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