Pandya Store 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Shiva worries for Raavi

Pandya Store 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: The Episode starts with Gautam taking Dhara to the hospital. He asks her will she have golgappa. She says no. He stops the bike at the chaat stall. He gets golgappas and says I got this for myself. She eats it. He smiles. She says you got it for me, so I will have it. She says you really love me. He makes her hear his heartbeat. He says it will just say Dhara…. She says I can hear horns. The man asks them to move the bike. Gautam says my wife is angry, so I was convincing her. The man comments on their romance after 10 years of marriage. Dhara laughs. Gautam moves the bike aside. Prafulla asks why do you care. Shiva says I won’t teach bike riding or anything. Prafulla says a guy’s family has called. Shiva gets down the bike. Raavi says I decided, I will learn to ride a bike. He says I won’t teach. She says then I will learn myself. He stops her.

Suman says you can come home anytime, Shiva will get divorced. Disha’s mum says we will get them engaged. Suman says don’t worry, we will keep marriage soon, we will be glad if Disha comes home soon. Shiva asks Raavi to go, he won’t teach her. Raavi says you will teach me, I will drive it any how. He asks her to go. She races the bike and goes ahead. She turns to see him. He sees a truck. He shouts Raavi, apply the brakes. She hits the truck and falls down the bike. Shiva runs to her. [Also Read: Vidrohi 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Radha gets pregnancy news]

Dhara gets injected. She asks nurse what injection is that. Gautam says I don’t know what to do, I never lied to Dhara, now she thinks I have an affair, I can’t tell her the medical condition, I don’t know how long shall I hide this. She says you have to hide this from Dhara, else it can be dangerous for her, we can’t take any type of risk. Nurse says other patient is waiting. Gautam goes. Dhara thinks why didn’t nurse answer. Nurse asks didn’t the doctor tell you. Gautam comes. Dhara asks the nurse again. He says don’t worry, multivitamins injections are given during pregnancy. Shiva holds Raavi. He shouts. He hugs her. Raabta….plays…. Raavi gets conscious. Suman, Disha and her parents come there. Suman thinks they are hugging on the road, what will Disha’s parents think. Shiva asks are you fine, did you get hurt. Disha’s dad says Raavi is going to get divorced from Shiva. Disha’s mum says he still worries for Raavi. Shiva scolds Raavi. He asks will you ride the bike this way, if anything happened to you. Raavi says you worry for me, then teach me riding it. He says fine, I will teach you. He lifts the bike and puts on stand. Raavi tries to get up and falls. He says I’m here to help you, get up. He holds her. He lifts her in arms. Disha looks on. Shiva and Raavi see Suman, and everyone. Disha says its fine, Shiva is taking Raavi, who is hurt. Her mum says he lifted her in arms. Disha says its okay, he is clean-hearted, he came to drop me home when I got hurt. Disha’s mum asks Suman to keep engagement soon after divorce, Raavi shouldn’t stay in her house, else the relation won’t happen. Suman gets angry on her. She says but I like Disha. Disha thanks her. Suman says I can understand, I will agree to you. She says don’t threaten me again, your daughter is ours now. Suman goes home. Shiva brings Raavi home and does the aid. Raabta….plays….

Suman throws a slipper at him. She scolds them. She asks them to decide, do they have to get separated or not. She asks Shiva to answer, its about an innocent girl’s life. Shiva looks at Raavi. Suman says not her, Disha, she won’t slap her husband in the market. Raavi says but he also…. Suman says if you really loved him, then matter would have not reached there, you don’t love him, Disha loves him and respects him, she isnt helpless like Raavi, she doesn’t want to change you, think and answer Shiva. Raavi looks at him. Gautam and Dhara are on the way. She says I want to go home. He asks why are you so upset, a big happiness is coming home. She says the nurse was telling me something, maybe she was hiding something, if anything happens to our baby, then I will die. He worries.

Everyone celebrates Diwali. Suman blesses Raavi to get divorced. Anita says Raavi likes this guy. Dhara asks Raavi is this true. Raavi says yes.

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