Pandya Store 12th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shiva catches Anita red-handed

Pandya Store 12th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi hearing Kamini’s plan. They get shocked. Shiva says its me, can you hear me. Kamini disconnects. He says you identified me right, I will create a havoc, see how the entire family breaks. She calls Rishita. She says Kirti, we have to go on shopping. Rishita says you called me by mistake. Kamini says oh, we are waiting for Kirti, I will talk to you later, Kalyani and I have to go for shopping. She ends call. Everyone runs. Gautam says Suman never listens to me. Shiva scolds Raavi. Nurse comes and asks Raavi to give Dhara the medicines. Shiva checks the file. Raavi recalls.

Shiva asks what’s this drama, you and your sister are planning something. She says I don’t understand. He says something is happening here, your sister had Dhara’s file, she is gone now, I will see her. Anita says I will become mum of Gautam’s baby right. Doctor says yes, the baby is precious, you have to be careful during the pregnancy. Shiva comes and hears this. He sees the container. He shouts stop, she isn’t Dhara. Anita says everyone knows it, my operation is going to happen, go out. Shiva asks what is this container doing here. Raavi asks what is all this, you came to remove the cyst. Anita says I don’t know anything, I came here for my operation. She snatches the container. Shiva asks her to leave it. Raavi says Anita is ill, leave it. Shiva says then ask her to leave it. Dev asks Kaka where are Shiva and Gautam. Kaka says Gautam went to hospital with Dhara, Shiva ran on Suman’s call. Dev says I will call him, he isn’t answering. Kaka says don’t worry, you all will become Chacha. Gautam, Dhara and Krish come to the OT. Dhara says that’s my embryo container. Anita thinks I won’t let anyone get this baby. She asks Shiva to keep the container. The container falls and opens up. The embryo falls off. Everyone gets shocked.

Anita asks Shiva what did you do, you can’t handle a thing. Shiva says you are gone today. Guard comes and asks them to leave. Dhara cries. Shiva says Dhara’s dream broke because of you, you did this intentionally, right, you are gone now. Raavi stops him. Anita runs out. Dhara recalls Anita’s words. She gets angry. She slaps Anita. She asks why did you do this, you broke my dream. Anita says I didn’t do anything, its Shiva’s mistake, I was getting my operation done here, I don’t know how the container came here, you think I m lying, Raavi was also here, ask her, nurse can make a mistake, what did I do. Anita says either think I m innocent, or that Raavi is with me. Shiva says I knew it, you are also involved in it, you don’t want Dhara to conceive, how can you fall so low.

Shiva runs after Anita. Everyone looks on. He goes to attack her.

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