Pandya Store 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

Pandya Store 18th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva and Raavi arguing in front of the judge. The judge says you would be fighting so much at home. Raavi says he is so shameless, he gets kisses from the other girl, without thinking that I can feel bad. Shiva says I taught you to ride the bike. She says I m your wife, you went to drop Disha. He says I dropped you home also. She says we have a relation since childhood, he became a gentleman for that girl. He asks why do you care. They argue. He says you had slapped me. She says you raised a question on my character, why. He says you won, I lost, end everything now, we can never unite. She says yes, he is right.

Suman scolds Rishita and Dhara. She asks them to break their phones. They say sorry and hug. Dhara says I will take some rest. Kirti asks how can you stay chill. Rishita says its daily drama, like dad and his goons talk. Suman asks Disha do you want to marry here, this is the daily drama. Disha says yes. She goes. Rishita says I won’t let her engagement happen with Shiva. Suman asks what. Rishita says Kirti came to get geyser and washing machine fittings. Suman says my house walls shouldn’t break. Dhara thinks what would have happened there. Shiva and Raavi ask the judge to decide today. Judge looks at them. She writes divorce granted. Gautam says you didn’t go to fix the mangalsutra. Dhara lies. He says I understand you well. He asks her to put her feet in the warm water. She refuses. He throws the water and goes. Rishita asks the men to set the washing machine. Kirti looks for Krish. Krish says I have no room, my way will also come. Kirti laughs seeing him. He says Kirti would be in the college, she is no naughty. She says I’m here. He shouts and says don’t look here. She says sorry. Rishita comes. She says you should shut the door at least, sorry Kirti, he is foolish. Kirti says its okay, bye Krish. He wears his tshirt and shuts the door. Kirti says Krish is cute. Rishita says don’t get after him, we don’t have to repeat history, one girl from our family is enough here. Gautam gets Anita’s call. He says we can’t meet now, Dhara is doubting a lot. Anita asks how, you will be alone then. He says I can’t meet. He ends call. She says you can’t go away from me.

Shiva and Raavi come home. They see Suman with the dhol artists. Raavi asks Shiva to go and give them the good news. He asks her to go. She lights the crackers. Suman says my son is getting his freedom, he is getting divorced. She sees Shiva and Raavi and says you both got divorced. She shows the kalash to Raavi. She asks her to do the opposite rituals and then go to Prafulla’s house. She says we will send your bags there. Dhara cry. Raavi hugs her.

Suman asks Shiva to give her the good news. She says Shiva would have asked the judge to end the matter. Shiva says yes. Suman says then be happy, you got divorced, you got free. Shiva says listen to me. Suman says dance now, you got free. Shiva says no, listen to me. Dhara says everything got over.

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