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Pandya Store 21st November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rishita making excuses about Dhara and Krish. She says Dhara told me to tell everyone, but it slipped from my mind. Gautama says I will call her. He calls Dhara. She disconnects. Suman calls Disha. Her phone goes off. She asks when will electricity come, I want the lights, what’s going on here. Gautam goes. Disha’s parents get the car tire fixed. Disha gets Rishita’s call. Disha’s dad asks who is there. Krish says I m Shiva’s younger brother Krish, can you come with me, someone wants to talk to you. They go. Krish goes and does a drama. Disha thinks what happened to them now. Dhara meets Disha’s parents. She says I want to tell something about Shiva, he is short tempered, find out about Shiva’s anger, I don’t want to hide anything, the situation in Pandya house isnt good, Raavi is known to them since childhood, even then she couldn’t say, Disha knows this, you think well for your daughter, Shiva has drinking habit, don’t tell anyone, he will lose his name. Rishita says we will play antakshari. Dev says nice idea.

Suman stops her. The lights come. Suman gets glad. She says its Shiva and Disha’s engagement, where is Dhara. Gautam says I don’t know. She says this can’t happen. She calls Dhara. She gets angry and says she isnt answering my call. Rishita asks Dev to chill. Dev says mum is shouting here. Suman asks Rishita to make the puja plate ready. Raavi goes to warn Shiva. He asks her to call the police. They argue. Suman asks her to stay away from Shiva. Rishita steals the rings. She thinks now the engagement won’t happen. Dhara says forgive me for this lie, I mean I m saying the truth. The lady says Disha is mad for Shiva. Dhara says try and save her, Shiva and Raavi got divorced, but they love each other. The lady says I had seen this, we know this, why did they go for second hearing then. Disha’s dad says Disha told us already, we are fed up. Disha’s mum says I don’t want this marriage to happen. Dhara says you both decide now. She goes.

Krish compliments Disha. She smiles. She gets Suman’s call. Suman says we are waiting. Disha says tyre got punctured, so we got late, you did good to send Krish here. Suman asks when did I send Krish. Driver says tire is changed. Disha says I will come there and talk. Suman says she is coming, who has sent Krish there. Shiva says Dev would have sent him. Dev asks why will I send him. Krish says I will buy sweets and come. She asks her parents to come. Kanta calls Disha and asks her to come fast. They leave. Suman asks why didn’t Dhara come till now. Kanta says everything will be fine. Gautam worries. Dev says she will come.

Prafulla and Anita come home. Prafulla taunts Shiva. Suman and Prafulla argue. Prafulla says I will get a guy like a prince. Suman says like you found for Anita, she is still unmarried, I will find a guy for Raavi if you say. Dhara and Krish come home. She says don’t know what will happen, our plan flopped, they didn’t see my shawl, I will say that I didn’t meet them, you come later. She enters the house. Suman asks where were you. Dhara says lights went out, I was feeling suffocated, I went out to have some fresh air.

Gautam says they said you went to buy a gift, where is the gift. Dhara says it fell down. He asks how. She says I was joking. Rishita laughs. Dhara says I went to take a gift, but I didn’t find anything good, then I came back, I went to take a lehenga for Disha, she is so beautiful, I didn’t find anything suitable for her. Gautam says you don’t get into this. Dhara says you said I won’t talk about Shiva and Raavi’s divorce, I swear on you, ask them, did I tell them anything, its their life, they can live as they want.

She throws the shawl away. Disha and her parents come. Her mum stops her and tells what Dhara said. Disha says you are lying because you don’t like Shiva. Disha and her parents come. Suman blesses her. Dhara greets them. Raavi gets angry. Disha hugs Raavi and says finally, you got free from this relation, I wish you all the best. Disha’s mum says the lady was like Dhara, I think she came to speak to me. Disha says it was not Dhara, how can she come here so soon, Krish isnt here.

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