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Pandya Store 9th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the doctor saying if the first cycle isnt successful, then we will need to do second cycle, it will also have expenses. She asks will I get pregnant, is there a guarantee. He says no, come with your husband next time, I will counsel you both. Dhara thanks him. The manager runs to Kamini and says save me, I have sent the papers to Pandyas, I’m scared of them. She says you did this on my saying, but you took the money also, get out. Rishita shouts Bua. The manager hides. Rishita comes with the family. Goons come there. Pandya brothers beat them up. Kamini says its useless to have such goons. Kalyani comes and looks on. Rishita scolds Kamini. Kamini asks will she talk to elders like this.

She says you all always blame Janardhan and me, what happened this time. Rishita asks how do you know about the problem. Shivi angrily goes to hit Kamini. He moves. He breaks the glass table. Manager says they are dangerous. Dev says you have given this job to Rishita, you did this to trap us. Kamini asks what proof do you have, tell me. Manager tries to run away. Dev shouts Shiva, catch him. Shiva catches the manager. He slaps the manager. Kamini calls the police. Shiva asks the manager to tell the truth. He slaps him more and says tell the truth. The manager says Kamini ji… Rishita asks what will she say now. Kamini says yes, its my company, so what, what does it prove.

Janardhan comes home and sees them. He shouts what’s happening here, how dare you come here. Gautam and Janardhan catch each other’s collar. Gautam says you make the mistake and act ignored, so you get beaten up, you and your sister did this. Janardhan asks what nonsense. Kamini nodes. Janardhan thinks she trapped them, its not right to speak in between. He smiles. He asks Gautam to leave him. Raavi asks Kalyani how does she close her eyes and stay in this house, she should send love and care for her daughter. Kamini says this isn’t any cheat, but politics, you can’t pay this money.

Dhara asks how will I get this amount. Anita sys you would have savings, but what will everyone think, I know what you are thinking. Dhara says I don’t know if we have 15 lakhs or not. She goes. Rishita says Gautam Pandya, we got the material tested, its cheap quality, cement sand ratio is less. She asks Gautam to check the papers. He gets shocked. She recalls bribing the man to make fake reports. Dev says you did this intentionally. Police comes. Inspector asks what’s happening here. She says they are my daughter’s Sasural people, I can do the legal complaint, it depends on them, what they want.

Gautam stops Dev and says come with me. He says congrats, you won, but you have to give an answer when the time comes. Pandas leave. Kamini smiles. Shiva breaks a vase before going. He asks Raavi not to lecture him now. She says I didn’t see anything. They smile. Kamini says they got to see their real place today.

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