Paragi agrees to marry Gulshan

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The Episode starts with Aditi asking Paragi to swear on her head and tell that she will marry Gulshan. She says only you can save my marriage and life, and asks her to save her, else she will die anyhow after separating from Mayank. Parashar asks her to calm down. Aditi pleads infront of Paragi and holds her feet. She says what people will call me now, one night bride. Paragi says nobody will say you anything. She asks her not to fall on her feet, and says I can’t marry Gulshan. She says I want to become IAS officer, it is my childhood’s dream. Aditi asks her to suffocate her to death. Paragi stops her and agrees to do as she says, and says I can’t see my sister in this condition. She says I am ready to marry Gulshan. Parashar is shocked. Chandana, Shiva and others are happy. Aditi gets happy and hugs her. Chanda also hugs Paragi. Aditi says I will keep you as my sister, and not as Devrani in my sasural. She says we will make the list and will shop. I will decide your marriage dress. Chanda appreciates Paragi for her decision. Parashar gets upset and goes.

Pramod’s wife tells him that he should have refuse Sanjay. Pramod says Sanjay would have felt bad if I had refused. She asks why does Sanjay want her to get the scholarship. Pramod says Sanjay and Bhai Saheb are innocent and that girl is very clever. He says that girl can’t even score even 2 marks in the test. Sanjay comes there and asks about whom he is talking. Pramod says I was discussing about the student. Sanjay says I have designed the pamphlet for the scholarship. He shows it. Pramod asks him to make the cut out as 95 percent and says time is okay. He asks them to get the print out. Sanjay thinks Paragi is a scholar and will achieve scholarship. Paragi asks Parashar to listen to her, and says have you seen Aditi didi’s eys, she was breaking and even badi mummy was breaking. She says if I had not agreed, then couldn’t have stayed here. Parashar says I am very scared. Paragi says if you support me, then we will beat this fear. He asks if this is your last decision. Paragi says yes. He goes upset. Chanda and Aditi hear her. Chanda asks Aditi to get ready to go to her sasural and says suhaag phera rasam is completed. She says one thing is remaining.

Paragi and Gulshan are getting Chaap tilak rasam done. Gulshan’s mom tells that now Paragi is of him. Chanda asks Atul to do the rasam and says your father is stuck somewhere. Gulshan’s mother and Chanda congratulate each other. Gulshan’s mother says Aditi told that you want to become IAS and says there will be many works in the house, that you will not get time. Chanda says girl become wife after marriage, IAS suits for boys. Sanjay pastes the pamphlets on the walls of the city.

Gulshan comes to Paragi and takes selfie with her. He then threatens her if she will take Aditi Bhabhi or shall I send her with her stuff. Paragi gets scared and poses selfie with him. Gulshan posts Paragi and his rasam’s pic on social media. Sanjay sees it and gets shocked. Paragi is in their shop and says she will close the shutter. Sanjay comes there and takes her outside. He asks who are you? He says the girl I had met was courageous, she had shown value to that Gulshan. He asks who are you and shows the social media photo. He says even squirrel takes time to change color and says you are too fast. Paragi says she don’t want to talk. Sanjay asks her to tell what had happened. He says whoever has the dream of childhood, fulfills it and asks her to share her problem. He says I want to help you. Paragi says enough is enough. She says we had met two days before in marriage and you are showing right on me. She says my dreams are my problem. She asks her to leave her. Sanjay says you don’t deserve scholarship and says I did a mistake not to identify you. Paragi asks what is our relation. He says I have no right on you and we have no connection, but we have one relation, we both are UPSC aspirant and that’s why I am talking to you, and talked to my parents and uncle-aunt to start the scholarship program for you , but you don’t deserve this. He throws the pamphlets and goes. Paragi picks the pamphlet. Gulshan comes there and picks a pamphlet. She sees scholarship scheme for the UPSC aspirant. She thinks Sanjay kept this test for me, and thinks I won’t let this chance go, and shall write this exam at 11 am tomorrow. Gulshan hears her and thinks you will not write this test, as I am going to do something which will not let you write the exam.

Precap: Gulshan comes to house and says Paragi and I will do engagement at 11 am. Paragi makes Ruhi sit on her place and goes to write the exam with Sanjay. Chanda catches her and goes to the institute to stop Paragi.

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