Paragi teaches a lesson to Gulshan

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The Episode starts with Gulshan coming to Paragi and holds her hand. He says if she refuses, then he will go down and tell that bride’s sister is trying to woo him. Paragi says who will believe you. Gulshan says everyone, as I am groom’s brother. He says even your Tai ji will believe. He says I know what is your respect in the house and asks her to do as he says, and says if your sister’s marriage breaks due to you, then your Taya ji/Papa ​​will die with heart attack. He says your parents are already dead, will you kill your Papa and your Tai ji will blame you. He asks her to do as she says silently. Paragi gets teary eyes and refuses to obey him. Gulshan says I will go and ask Mummy to stop this marriage. Paragi asks him to stop and asks what do you want? Gulshan says if your want your sister’s marriage to happen, then shall do whatever I ask. If her marriage stops then everyone call you panauti. He asks her to meet him on the terrace within 10 mins.

Aditi is seated on the mandap with Mayank. Gulshan signs Paragi to come. Sanjay notices it and goes behind her. Paragi comes to the terrace. Gulshan is drinking and he asks her to drink. Someone takes the pics. Sanjay is stopped by someone. Paragi puts chilli on his eyes and ties him on the chair. Sanjay comes there. Paragi tells Gulshan that she knows how to handle him, and is UPSC girl. Sanjay hears and smiles. Pandit ji asks to call the bride’s sister. Chanda asks Shiva to call her. Romi says I will call her. Paragi tells him that she will expose him after the marriage. Sanjay says I love her. Romi hugs Paragi. Paragi tells that Gulshan has understood that I am heavy on her kundali. Sanjay thinks she is strong. Paragi comes back to the marriage altar. Chanda scolds her and asks her to do the ritual. Paragi does the ritual. Abhay says we shall leave. Sanjay says give me 5 minutes, and tells that he will take her intro and will leave. He says even she wants to write UPSC exam. Paragi hopes that the marriage shall happen. Gulshan’s mother says until he comes, the rounds can’t start. Sanjay thinks he is locked on the terrace. Gulshan’s friend goes to the terrace and is about to open the rope. Paragi tells that she will tell the truth to Papa. Romi stops her and asks her to tell after the rounds.

Mayank says I can’t take rounds until Gulshan comes there. Romi says I will bring him. Chanda requests Mayank and Gulshan’s mother to let the rounds happen. Mayank says ok and takes 6 rounds. Gulshan’s friend faints and falls down. They are about to take 7th round, but just then Gulshan comes there on the chair tied and falls down. Chanda stops Mayank from getting down the mandap. Mayank’s mother stops the marriage. Mayank gets down and asks who has done this with you. Gulshan says some goons have done this with me. They wanted my smart phone and that’s why they did. He says I was drank else would have handled them. Mayank’s mother scolds Chanda for not getting marriage done in 5 star hotel. Mayank says he will not leave those goons. Gulshan asks him not to stop his marriage and gives him promise. Paragi thinks what is going on in his mind.

Mayank and Aditi take the last round and he makes her wear the mangalsultra. Abhay asks Sanjay if he will come after Bidaai. He says Papa is calling. Sanjay says tell him that we are coming in 5 mins. He comes to Paragi and says I am sorry, I have to leave. Paragi says why are you sorry, you are hurt due to me. He says thank you for the bandage. Paragi says I shall thank you. Sanjay asks are you copying me? He says you can call me if needed. Paragi says I can manage. Sanjay appreciates her courage and guts to teach a lesson to the wrong. He says your Tawo ji is busy and gives the envelope for her Didi. Abhay asks Sanjay to come. Sanjay waves his hand and goes with Abhay. Gulshan comes to Paragi and asks what do you think that I will leave you, never. He says your bad times start now and starts the countdown.

Aditi does the rituals of Bidaai and throws rice grains behind her. She hugs Chanda, Shiva and Paragi. Gulshan signs his mother. His mother stops Aditi from stepping out of the house and asks her to back off. Gulshan smiles.

Precap: Mayank’s mother says your daughter Aditi’s bidaai will happen, when you will accept my son Gulshan as Damad. She says my son Gulshan likes your niece Paragi.

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