Preeta manages to record the entire confession of Nagre

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Nagre reveals he was the one who gave Prithvi the idea to get the signs from Mahesh Luthra, everyone is shocked when Nagre reveals he would not tell the true plan, and if her story is of one word then his story is of two words, if she is just smart then he is also smart and dangerous, Preeta mentions this means he also forgot to notice something else besides her smartness, she explains he forgot to notice the pen as it is also a camera, everyone is really shocked to see what is she doing, Preeta explains that she has recorded how he threatened to harm her and also that he accepted the entire wrong doings which he has done, she says that she will surely go to a good lawyer who will surely accept the truth and forming an association will make sure that his license to practice the law has been snatched, Nagre tries to snatch the pen when Preeta says that he should not even dare, Nagre exclaims that he is done but Preeta stopping him exclaims that he cannot leave like this since now there is a ritual in their family by which he would have to drink some tea, she pushing Prithvi aside mentions that Sherlin can make really good tea so asks her to prepare tea for each and everyone, especially for Nagre.

Sherlin entering the kitchen thinks what does she think of herself when Kritika coming from behind exclaims that she is now the owner of the family, Kritika coming explains that she doesnot like Preeta anymore, Sherlin apologizes saying that she cannot bear her anymore, Kritika also accepts that even she is not able to bear Preeta, she asks Sherlin to never think she has any soft corner for Preeta, Sherlin mentions she doesnot have any problem in making tea for her family but why should she do it for Nagre when he ruined their family, Kritika explains she could have forgiven her if she returned the property to the Luthra family but she instead had the dreams of owning each and everything, Sherlin thinks that she still feels Kritika has a soft corner for Preeta when Kritika assures that she hates her to the extent that she can never trust her.

Dadi mentions that Rakhi is once again taking the side of Preeta when she has accepted that she only married Karan for the sake of money and doesnot care for anyone of them, Rakhi replies that she is glad someone has come who is able to stand against Prithvi and Nagre, she mentions that they were never able to do it by themselves, as even she was not able to do anything but Preeta has been able to stand in front of them, Dadi replies that she is once again taking her side when Preeta has accepted that she only cares for the money.

Kritika exclaims she never thought Preeta would become like this, Sherlin mentions that every person has two sides, one which they show everyone and the other which is hidden, she is glad they all have seen her true face, Sherlin mentions that it is a weird question so if she is asked who should rule over them, Preeta or prithvi, Kritika mentions she should never think of Preeta as it is better if prithvi rules over them and not Preeta. Sherlin thinks that she was getting worried without any reason, as she also hates Preeta.

Sameer explains that he is really glad because Nagre made a single attack when Preeta replied to it with her own counterattack, she then also ruined the image of both of them, Sameer explains that he felt really proud with Preeta when karan exclaims that he feels the Preeta is a bit different and she is changed but he cannot explain it, Karan leaves when Sameer exclaims she made a really good effort.

Preeta closes the door walking into the room, thinking that for the first time she has gone against her own family for their sake, this could have been really difficult for that old Preeta as she would not have been able to do anything but now this changed Preeta has done what no one was able to because she has ruined the image of Nagre.

Prithvi and Nagre both are really worried in the room when he asks why did Prithvi not tell him the truth and also says that Prithvi should not talk in a his voice with him because she is a really a strong women, Prithvi questions why is Nagre so worried because they should think about what they need to do since tomorrow is the biggest day of his life, Nagre exclaims that he would not be able to protect Prithvi if he is no longer a lawyer because Preeta can ruin him, prithvi exclaims he did not think Nagre would get scared so easily when even Nagre exclaims he also was wrong about Prithvi, who coming to Nagre exclaims he has really high expectations from him but he was not able to fulfil them, Prithvi throws the glass when Nagre threatens saying that Preeta has come to ruin everything from Prithvi’s point of view an will not stop in any case, Prithvi exclaims he feels he would himself have to ruin Preeta, Kritika coming into the room with tea asks if they would like it, Nagre takes his cup but Prithvi just looks at her with anger so she leaves the room, Nagre questions why is he not thrown out of the house, Prithvi mentions that it is because of this women, as he entered this house because of her and will also remain because of her.

Karan is walking into the room when he bumps into Preeta, she catches him, when he questions why does she keep saving him, she questions why can he not walk straight, Karan exclaims he was walking straight when she came in front of him, why is why she held him, Preeta explains she saved him from falling and it was just because of him being a human as if even a cat came in front of her then she would have also saved her, Karan says he is not a cat but a lion, he groan when Preeta explains that he is scolding her when it is his fault, she pulling out the alcohol exclaims that he cannot understand anything because of this, Preeta says he would not talk with hr if she behaves like this, Preeta replies she is her boss in reality, he questions why is she showing such an attitude after saving him for just two times, Preeta replies she is the boss when he exclaims even he saved her a lot of times. Preeta says that the rules which she set for everyone else do not reply to her, but she doesnot let him come close saying that he would have to get up at 5 am, but karan says that he cannot wake up at 7 so how would he do it at 5 but she explains that he has incurred a lot of loses in her business, she says that he was once a popular star but now is not even able to perform the business, she says that he should do what he is capable off and she feels he can only play the cricket, she orders him to wake up at 4:30, which angers him but he disagrees when she says that he must leave at 5am so would have to wake up early, she advises him to do what he is best at and not try to run the business, Karan tries to pick up his vase when she snatches it before him, he leaves saying he has another vase. Preeta sitting down on the bed thinks that she wants the old Karan back because she feels that she would need his help at some point of time in this fight.

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