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The Episode starts with Pritam saying I mean for your cousin, its her engagement. He goes. Amrita smiles. Sethi says nice. Vishaka gets the video and says I won’t let you get this baby, Pritam. The lady says Kabir is ready in rugged look. Vishaka scolds the lady. She asks her to get more options. She says deo brand stands for machoism. Sethi says relax, let me handle this. She asks do you have any options. The lady says no. Vishaka says then shoot canceled, brand is everything for me, I want the rugged look tomorrow, else even the shoot will get canceled tomorrow also. She goes.

Saroj takes Amrita for a talk. Amrita asks her to call Kuljeet. Saroj says he is having drinks with Pritam. Amrita laughs. Pritam says I get drunk soon, I don’t want to drink. Kuljeet insists. Saroj massages Amrita’s head. Amrita says I used to miss you for this touch. Saroj says I also missed you a lot, you were my friend also. Amrita says I can understand, after Karan left, everything changed. Saroj asks how did you like Yuvraj. Amrita says he is okay, he gave the stuff. Saroj praises Yuvraj.

Amrita says he is self made. Saroj asks do you like him. Amrita says yes, he looked sorted, Ansh was crying a lot, Yuvraj handled Ansh well. Saroj asks really. Amrita says I feel bad hearing about his wife’s death. Saroj says he is a nice guy, whoever marries him will be happy. Amrita says we shall talk about us. She gets Dadu’s call. She says I m good, Ansh is also fine. Dadu says we can see you happy. Amrita asks about Nimmo. Daddy says she might have slept, we miss you a lot.

Amrita asks them not to fight and take care of Nimmo. Daddy says don’t worry. Dadu asks for Pritam. Amrita says he is having drinks with Kuljeet. Dadu says I should have been there. They laugh. Kuljeet asks Pritam to drink more. Amrita asks Saroj to go and see Kuljeet, he will be drunk. Saroj says he won’t, your Pritam will be drunk. Amrita says he isn’t mine. Saroj says I mean your tenant.

Kuljeet says I have seen life getting ruined, how do you like Amrita. Pritam asks what. Kuljeet asks do you feel she lacks something. Pritam says she is good. Kuljeet says then Yuvraj would also like her, he should agree to marry Amrita. Pritam gets shocked. He says Amrita is really nice, she is good in all relation. Kuljeet blesses and hugs him. Pritam thinks that’s why Nimmo is disturbed. Kuljeet says don’t tell this to anyone, its top secret, just Guneet knows this, is it wrong if we want her to settle again, she is young, we all will handle Ansh, who will handle Amrita. He cries and talks of Amrita.

He asks am I wrong to think about her life. Pritam says no. Kuljeet asks him to make a peg and drink fast. They drink. Kuljeet says if Karan was there, then it would have been good, he was the best guy, I found him for Amrita, but I lost to fate, I feel sad seeing her as a widow, we want her to smile again, we want her to marry again. Pritam says Amrita deserves all the happiness of the world, she is so good, I also sad seeing her, you are her dad, you are not wrong. Kuljeet cries. Pritam asks him to drink. Kuljeet says stay happy, I wish you never get such pain in your life. Pritam recalls Vishaka. He asks what did you say, life is really bad, it doesn’t spare anyone, it gives pain, you think I m happy, I have no sorrow. Kuljeet asks what’s your pain. Pritam says Lord snatched Karan, my family snatched my happiness, my wife ruined my house, she never supported me, Amrita has Karan’s sign, I lost even my sign. He recalls Rahul and cries.

He says like Ansh, I also have a Rahul, but I don’t have him, he is very far from me, she doesn’t let me meet him, I tried a lot to save this relation, she didn’t let it happen, she took the divorce to snatch my Rahul. Amrita says Kuljeet and Pritam should have food, its late. Pritam says I wasn’t there, Rahul got much silent, Vishaka blamed me for hurting Rahul, she left Rahul and went to meet her friend, I didn’t know he is near that blast, he had seen the people dying in front of his eyes, I miss him, I saw him one year back, how can someone stay away from his child, I find Rahul in Ansh, I am an IPS officer, I won’t cheat, but that woman thinks that this happened because of me. Amrita comes.

Amrita asks Pritam to shut up, does he know what is pain. He holds her hand and says you should get all the happiness.

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