Prithvi once again claims ownership of Luthra Mansion

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Nagre mentions he believes she might have understood there is a lot of difference in hearing and seeing what is the truth, Preeta replies she has really understood him because she thought he would be dangerous but after seeing what happened today she has realized he is a lot childish since he had to even cry to prove that he is telling the truth, Preeta asks him to not accept that she has lost so early, Prithvi coming says that she can only say big things but he has proved what he said and thrown her out of the house, she will not be able to come back and she must not even think he will help her since he hates her the most, it was different two years ago when he even helped her, Preeta replies she doesnot need his concern but wants him to hate her even more as she will also reply with the same intensity, Prthvi questions if she will throw him out of the house but Preeta replies if he is not Infront of her then how will she teach him a lesson, he can enjoy because as they say when the cat is away the mouse shall enjoy.

Prithvi exclaims that she is still really arrogant but must not worry since he will make sure she stays in the jail and even the Luthra’s would not be able to help her as they will be worried about what he will do to them, Prithvi calls the inspector ordering them to take her away, Preeta sits in the jeep while he looking at her exclaims it would be nice if he says Goodbye Preeta, Nagre exclaims that now his work is finished so he will leave.

Bani Dadi questions Rakhi what has she done, Rakhi apologizes saying that she forgot about the medicines of Mahesh, Dadi says that she is not talking about it but why did Rakhi take the side of Preeta in front of the police, she blames saying that Preeta has killed her own daughter, Rakhi replies that it has been two years and Dadi knows that it was an accident, Sherlin mentions that Preeta has killed her own daughter hearing this Rakhi questions why is she so sure that Preeta has killed her as it was just an accident, Natasha explains that she should not talk in between but cannot remain quiet, she questions what has Preeta done for the family as she only made the matters worse, Rakhi replies she is correct so should not talk in between the family matters, Kritika defends Natasha questioning what has she said wrong as it is the truth, why does Rakhi always take the side of Preeta even when she is wrong, Dadi also asks her to open her eyes as Preeta herself says that she married Karan for the sake of money, Sherlin further adds, mentioning Preeta has not changed because she since the first day desired to marry karan for the sake of money, the difference is that she has accepted the truth now, Rakhi explains she can accept what they are saying to be the truth, Rakhi questions even if Preeta came back for the sake of money then why would she try to kill the lawyer Nagre, Dadi exclaims she got trapped in her own plan, Rakhi doesnot believe it when Dadi says that what is the change when Preeta is in the jail while prithvi in the house, Natasha exclaims the entire family is really worrying because they forgot to realize that the police came really early as she feels this was all preplanned.

Karan is with Sameer who is about to say something but seeing the anger of karan is not able to say anything else, when he suddenly stops the car, Sameer questions what happened so karan says that he forgot to take a right turn as he needs to buy a new bat to go and practice tomorrow, he will place it straight in the car as he doesnot want Preeta to see it, Sameer questions why doe she not want it to happen however Karan leaves.

Preeta is sitting in the car while it is stopped at the traffic signal, Preeta is constantly thinking about how she would always be saved by Karan, she exclaimed she is really lucky to have a husband like him but he also replied the same, he said he would die if she is not with him, she asked him to not talk like this. Preeta is sitting not knowing that Karan walks beside the jeep, he is stopped by the fans who are still ready to take selfies with him even after two years, the police jeep drives off when Karan feels as if he saw Preeta, he however is not certain, he standing in the middle of the road is constantly thinking about the beautiful moments spent with her, how they both would always take care of each other but now it is not the same.

Natasha asks them all to think how the police arrived so early, Kritika also agrees as it is not right that the police arrived so early, Dadi questions what they care if the police came so early when Rakhi replies that it is something to be worried about, Sherlin questions Natasha why she is trying to leave after saying it all herself. They are sitting when Prithvi walks into the house with the staff, he asks Rakhi that he feels she still has a soft corner for Preeta but if this is the case then she must leave, Rakhi is however standing when he exclaims now they all must go to help the decorators as the party will begin in four hours, Prithvi walking away calls the inspector questioning if anyone suspected when the inspector is listening, Prithvi says that he will transfer the money in his account and he might even kill her if he feels like, the inspector asks the driver to take the car towards the jungle.

Karan walks into the house asking Rakhi where is Preeta, but before she can reply Prithvi mentions she is in the place where she deserves which is in jail, Karan in anger questions why is he talking because he asked his mother, prithvi replies that no one of them would talk which is why he is speaking on their behalf, Sameer questions what is he saying, Sherlin stops him asking what is he doing because he should be asking why did the police arrest Preeta, Sameer asks her to shut up, Sherlin involves Karina who exclaims she cannot understand why they are worried for Preeta so much, Natasha also tries to question him, Sameer asks if he would have to accept her orders. Prithvi exclaims why is he so worried for the girl because of whom he lost his daughter, Karan in anger orders him to not speak a word against him, Preeta or Pihu, he warns to break the face of Prithvi if he says anything, then he questions Rakhi why did they not stoop the police from taking her, Dadi asks Karan why does he not forget it all, as Preeta has not done anything for the family and is not even nice, Karan questions why is she forgetting all that Preeta has done for the family, Rakhi explains the police arrested her on the complaint that she has tried to kill Nagre, Karan is tensed hearing that Preeta has tried to kill Nagre.

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