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The Episode starts with Anurag telling Sharmila that Kajol and he can’t unite and asks her to accept this as soon as possible. Sharmila says the way your mother and I know you, nobody does, and says you will never accept defeat so easily and asks what happened? Anurag says I have no option left. Sharmila shows the trophy which he won when he was 7 years old. She shows another trophy when he won it in 8th class etc. Anurag asks what do you want to convey? Sharmila says when you didn’t accept defeat in school and college exams, then how can you accept defeat in life test. She says something has happened, which forced you to take this decision, else my Anurag can’t accept defeat. Kajol tells Chandana that she has done nothing wrong which ruins or her family respect. Chandana asks what had happened? Kajol tells that they met in Haridhwar and there is something which connects our soul. Chandana says I am proud of you. Kajol says you all are my strength and I want you all to be happy. Chandana says your baba wanted to see you settled. Kajol says he was never mine, why to shed tears for him. Sharmila asks if Priyanka has trapped you anyhow and asks him to tell her something. She asks if she forced you and asks him to say. Anurag asks him to imagine, that bus is coming near us and asks whom you will save. Sharmila says I will push you to safety and will save you. Anurag says I am doing the same thing and saving Kajol, and I am not bothered if I come under the bus. He says I want to keep myself busy in work. Sharmila understands and prays to Anurag to get his love back and asks God to give some intelligence to Priyanka.

Shreya tells Arjun that her father is ready to invest in his company. Tai ji appreciates her. Shreya says my Papa will help you. Naina thinks this is Bhabhi’s trick and says why your Dad will invest in Arjun’s husband. Shreya says I don’t need to talk to you, who don’t understands business. Naina says Arjun is my husband, even I have a business, and can use my father’s money. Kaushik asks if she knows the amount. Tai ji says 1 crore. Arjun asks her to go to room. Naina says she will make arrangements of money and tells that she wants to share a secret. She says I saw Apu and Pulti together today, I thought this is my responsibility to tell you. She says I will talk to Maa to end the matter and asks them to talk to Pulti. Arundita scolds her. Naina says I read their chats. Kaushik asks Arundita to keep eye on Pulti. Shreya thinks this is your another trick, lets play. Naina thinks I have won, but how to manage money, Kajol di is on baba’s money like a snake.

Priyanka comes to Kajol’s printing press and says I came to thank you, for understanding my love and sidelining for me. Kajol says I am happy for you both. Priyanka says Kajol didn’t know how I trapped Anurag, I will not leave him. Pulti talks to Apu and thanks her for the dress. Apu tells that he is sad seeing Badi Didi, something has happened between them. Pulti says I hope their misunderstanding gets resolved. Pulti says she wants to talk about them, and tells that her marriage discussion is going on, and asks will you marry me? Apu says ofcourse I will do, but how to ask for your hand now, I have to handle baba’s business before marriage. She says she don’t want to pressurize him. Naina comes there.

Priyanka asks Kajol to print their wedding cards, but before that send the samples. She says Anurag will be happy, as money will come to your house. Kajol thanks her.Pulti asks Naina to knock on the door before entering her room. Naina says she should have lock the door before doing any personal work.

Kajol gets the samples and calls Priyanka. Priyanka has left the phone in the hospital. Anurag picks the call and asks her why are you calling her? If she said something to you. Kajol says she wanted to talk to Priyanka, but it doesn’t matter. She says I got a chance to print two city top doctors wedding card because of you. She says I want your happiness and wants you to settle down. She asks him not to worry and says I will make such a card, that you will be proud of me. She says I have to write the details of mahurat and asks him to tell. He thinks Priyanka went there intentionally to trouble her. He says I don’t know the details.

Precap: Anurag imagines Kajol and gets romantic with Priyanka. Priyanka says I was waiting for this moment. Anurag is shocked.

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