Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Ahilya meets the villagers

Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 11th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sarja saying she is my relative. Raiba asks her to give greetings to Ahilya when she meets. Ahilya says we should go and meet the families of the dead farmers, it can help. Sarja takes her to a lady who turned into a widow. Ahilya goes to talk to the lady. The lady says my son keeps the money when I sell these pots. Ahilya says but your son is young. The lady says he is the head of the family, a woman can’t become the head, she has to live according to the man. Ahilya gives the money to them. She says I will come tomorrow and buy the pots. A man comes and says I m seeing you since long time, I think I have seen you. Ahilya worries.

Malhar talks to his queens. He gives the responsibilities to the queens. He says we shall meet for dinner, I will go and meet Tukoji to talk about the mission. He goes. Bana says I didn’t do planting work before. Gautama says I will help you. Everyone smiles. Yamuna comes and says Ahilya isn’t at the temple. She tells everything. Gautama asks who has given you a right to do this. Dwarka says I told her to find out, we have to keep an eye on Ahilya, you always trusted her, what did she go, see her now, Ahilya doesn’t value you, its sad. Malhar thinks of something and goes back to Gautama. Dwarka says Malhar always saves you, Ahilya won’t respect you. Malhar hears them. Dwarka says I had sent Yamuna after Ahilya. He says nothing can change here. Ahilya is in the village. Malhar goes to talk to Gangoba. He says just you know this, everyone will think I m on a mission, Ahilya is trying hard, she isn’t getting help, I should be here to help her, she is doing a lot for Malwa, who will think of her if not me. Gangoba says sure. He goes. Malhar prays for Ahilya.

Ahilya and Sarja come to Yama ji’s house. They ask a man about Yama ji’s family. The man says they disappeared like thieves. Ahilya asks for their relatives. The man says we didn’t talk to him much. Ahilya says we didn’t get any clue, I don’t understand how to proceed. Ahilya comes back to the palace. She meets Gangoba. He says you have asked us about D name person, we got Dhaneshwar, Malhar will decide about him, he called me.

She also goes to darbar and sees Dhaneshwar. Dhana ji says I succeeded in doing my duty, Yama ji was going to take Dhaneshwar’s name, he did the sin of killing the farmers, he killed Yama ji also. Malhar asks are these blames right. The man says yes. Dhana ji says we have proof against him. The man says I did this in greed. Malhar questions the man and asks how do you know about the tax collection. The man says I overheard Gunu ji talking to the guards, and thought to make a team to collect tax and get rich. Malhar keeps a sword at his neck. He says I will kill you, you have no right to live, tell me, for whom did you cheat, is your family also involved. The man says I m alone, I have no family. Malhar says Gangoba, take this man away from me else I can’t control my anger, he will be punished in front of the village. Ahilya looks on.

Ahilya says I can’t believe that Dhaneshwar is the culprit, he might be under pressure.

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