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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 2nd December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Ahilya telling about a woman’s different roles. He says we worship Devi, then why did we cut down a woman’s wings, if we believe that we call Devi as Mata, because its the biggest respect for a woman, her purest form, Renu’s remarriage can take her towards that respect, she can get a chance to become a mother, why are you calling it a sin then. The ministers agree with her. Tukoji asks Acharya to answer Ahilya. Acharya says we have got distracted from the main topic, we have come to talk about Shaastras, not these things, she should just talk about Shaastras, I request that it will be good if she sticks to Shaastras, not just arguments. Mahants agree with him. Acharya says women are cursed in Shastras, she can just have one husband. Ahilya says we can’t believe Mahabharat, its not any granth. He says all the granths state the same, so I gave an example of Mahabharat, when humans make traditions by his own wish, he ruins the Shastras, we shouldn’t forget it, widow remarriage can’t get permission. Mahants agree. Khanderao stops them. He asks Ahilya does she have anything to defend Acharya. Ahilya takes Renu with her. She argues with Acharya. He says you are insulting the Shastras. She says no, its pure for me also, I can never insult it, I know how to use the Shastras and Shastras, it makes Ram and Raavan different, it makes Ayodhya and Lanka different, how we read the granth and by what intention. She says everyone scolded Renu and insulted her, look at her, sorrow entered her life 9 years back, till then, she has a sorrow line on her face, I just want to erase it, I understand that Lord and Dharm show a path to everyone to live happy, what enmity Lord has with Renu that he wants just sorrow for Renu. Mahants says we can’t get emotional when its about Dharm, if a widow gets married today, then other widows will also come ahead to marry, Ahilya can talk if she has anything new to say, else she should lose. Everyone discusses in the doorbar.

Ahilya makes Renu stand away. She goes to Acharya. Khanderao asks do you have an answer. She says I got Renu in front of you with a motive, that humanity and Dharm are two different things, but I will talk about Shastras, Sati is wrong, a Maharishi told this, it makes her get hell, not heaven, its written in the books, if a husband dies, if he isnt capable of keeping her well, then she has a right to remarry. The Mahants check the books. Mahant says she is saying right. Ahilya tells about more books that mention about widow remarriage. Mahants check. The lady says Acharya told wrong about women rights, why. The man says our Dharm isnt so strict about women as we were told before. Ahilya says you understood it right, the great people didn’t talk of insulting women and punishing them, our Dharm regards Devi a symbol of power, a woman is a symbol of Devi, why will the Shastras tell about punishing a woman, a woman knows her limits, she wants to live with her husband, she prays for her husband for seven births, if fate doesn’t support her, then why doesn’t she have a right to remarry, do you have an answer, if a woman keeps her relation well with her other husband, then how does she break the society’s rules, when a woman smiles, then her family smiles, what do we want to get by keeping her away from her happiness.

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