Purab and Thapki celebrate lohri

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The Episode starts with Thapki thinking how to express her feelings to Purab, thinks if he refuse then? Hansika comes there and says he can’t refuse. She asks her to come. Thapki smiles. Dadi calls Jaya. Jaya asks how are you and Purab. Dadi says Purab is fine. She invites her for lohri celebrations. Preeti hears them and smiles. Dadi asks Jaya to come. Jaya says ok, I will come. Veena asks Dadi, why you called her here? Dadi says Jaya is part of the family. Veena says Jaya was never part of the family. Dadi asks her not to be thankless. Preeti asks Jaya, how is she? Jaya asks do you need anything. Preeti asks her to take her along with her. Jaya hesitantly agrees. Sudha gets doubtful on Preeti. Anchun sees Jaya at the lohri function and says if you had told me then we would have come together. She asks when did you come? Anchun says Sargam brought him here. He hopes the two families reconcile. Dadi asks Purab to burn the lohri with his hand. Purab comes to Thapki and asks her to come. Thapki asks where you want to take me, now lohri puja will start. Purab says I am not taking you anywhere, you are my wife, we will do the puja together. He says when you can share my sorrows, then why can’t we do puja together. He says it is one among the 7 vows. They do the aarti together and then light the lohri on fire. Hansika looks on. Preeti tries to get Sagar’s attention and messages him to come, else she will come near him. Purab, Thapki and others put the puffed rice in the fire. Priyanka signs Hansika and goes to talk to her. Preeti comes to Sagar and takes him away from there. Priyanka says Purab has burnt Hansika’s dreams, give her strength. Hansika asks her not to take tension and asks her to handle her marriage. She says your husband is not here. Priyanka goes to see Sagar. Sagar asks Preeti why she was dying to meet him. Preeti says until we will meet hidingly. Sagar says many things are at risked. Preeti asks do you love your wife? Sagar sees Priyanka and says ofcourse I do, I have love at first sight. Priyanka asks why you are telling this to Thapki’s sister. They tell that they met accidentally. Sagar tells that Preeti has joined the office, where he is signing partner. Preeti and Sagar make a story. Priyanka believes them. Sagar pretends to go to bathroom. Priyanka goes. Preeti demands double costly bracelet from Sagar.

Purab gets curious and asks Jaya to share what is the happy news. Jaya and Thapki smiles. Purab asks why you both are silent. Jaya says it is not good, if I say between husband and wife. She asks Thapki to see, when and how to tell? She smiles and goes. Purab asks what to tell me? Thapki smiles and says I…..He says you are nervous as if job interview is going on. Thapki says she is nervous. He says I know treatment for it and asks her to come with him. He takes her to the room and asks her to see first. Thapki watches the video in which she is playing music. He says it is you? He says it is your video. Thapki asks why did you make the video? Purab tells that he has uploaded her video and it is viral now. He says he wants people to realize her worth and talent. He says music can be created by any means, you have proved this. Thapki gets emotional and says today you have done this, and supported me. He asks did you get stuck or stop? Thapki says you have given me a pat of strength today. He pats on her shoulder and asks her to tell what she wants to say? Hansika hears them and thinks not now, this is not the right time. Thapki says I want to say…Sargam says everyone is waiting for you both downstairs. Hansika gets happy. Dadi asks Thapki and Purab to dance first. Purab and Thapki come near each other. She says it would be good, if there was clouds here. They imagine dancing. Purab says we are in the clouds and asks her to say what she wanted to? Thapki says I am started to feel special for you, and more than special. He says even I. Imagination ends. Purab calls Thapki, as she seems to be lost. Sargam asks why do you get lost seeing Bhai. Purab asks what happened to you. Everyone dances. Thapki searches for Purab.

Precap: Thapki dances alone surprising everyone and faints in his arms. Purab asks if she is fine.

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