Purab takes a stand for Thapki

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The Episode starts with Hansika asking Veena Devi not to get upset with Thapki and says I will stay in any hotel. Veena Devi says good. Purab holds Hansika’s hand and says you will not go anywhere, and says even it was my decision to bring you here. He tells Veena Devi that Thapki and I know the reason for Hansika being here. Veena Devi says will you take decisions against my wish. He asks Hansika to come to room and rest. He takes her to room and asks her to rest. Hansika holds his hand and thanks him. She says you fought with your Mom for me, I don’t like it. Purab says our fight is since my childhood, and asks her to rest. He goes. Hansika looks at Thapki. Sapna tells Veena Devi that the foot impressions will go, but what about the Shanti puja, it is ruined. Veena Devi goes to the room upset. Sapna goes behind Veena devi and says you have chosen the wonderful girl for Purab, she brought that girl inside who was about to marry him. Priyanka says Hansika might make place in Purab’s heart. Sapna asks then Thapki will go away from his life. Priyanka says either Hansika, Thapki or Chachi will go. She says I am talking realistic. Veena Devi asks if they are done, and says my Purab will not go away from me. She signs them to leave.

Hansika asks Thapki, can I ask you a question? Thapki says yes. Hansika says I am asking you a personal questions and asks if everything is fine between Purab and her. Thapki says Mata Rani has tied us in this strong relation and says they will be together always. She tells that she has to leave for office, as Purab gave her a job. She asks her to rest and drink juice. She leaves. Hansika thinks if this girl is mad, her husband is a rich guy and she is interested to do job for him. She says I felt bad for her at first, but now she knows that she is so dumb that she don’t deserve to be the bahu of the house or Purab’s wife.

Veena Devi takes Thapki to her room and asks why did you bring Hansika here? Thapki says Hansika was in need. Veena Devi says you would have taken her to your mayka and says my son has filled sindoor in your maang, but this house is still not yours. Thapki gets sad. Purab comes there and says you are saying right. He says this house is yours, we are your servants. He says how a wife makes her husband’s house as hers. He says this house is of Thapki too, like it is for me. He says I am taking a stand for the right and says if she tried to help someone, then what wrong did she do? He asks if only you have the right to take the decision. Veena Devi says it is enough. He asks if we can’t help the person saving our respect in the event. Thapki says Purab. Purab says I am tired of this drama and goes. Thapki says Maa ji, Purab. Veena Devi says you have made the wall between the mother and the son, now I realized your mission, I won’t let you be successful. She says neither you nor Hansika can come between Purab and me. She asks her to leave. Thapki goes out from there.

Anchun comes to the hotel and asks if Sargam came. Sargam ignores him. Anchun asks her to hear him and tells about Rohit’s conversation with his friends, and says he told that he is behind your money and knows that you have given money to the photographer.

Thapki asks Jaya if she came between Purab and Maa ji. Jaya says at one perspective, it is wrong and at other perspective, it is right. She says you did right by helping Hansika and asks her to focus on her family. Thapki ends the call as door bell rings. Ashok comes to Jaya and asks her to take medicines, says Doctor said that he will operate once we arrange the money. Sudha comes there and taunts Ashok for spending money on Jaya’s medicines. Ashok asks her not to taunt them and goes. Sudha says don’t eat the food made by me etc. Jaya cries and asks her to calm down. She says Thapki will return all your money, she got a job now. Sudha asks her not to touch her and asks her to call her lover and asks him to bear your expenses or take you from here. She says it is enough now and says when I catch your lover, I will tell him that we are suffering due to his sins.

Thapki opens the door and finds Mukul. She touches his feet. He says daughters shall not touch the feet. Thapki asks him to come inside. He refuses and asks about Hansika. He then asks her to give the stuff to Hansika, and says whenever I looked in your eyes, I saw a tension in your eyes. He says this house is yours now, you shall make sure that every relation shall stay united etc. Thapki recalls Jaya telling the same thing and tells Mukul. Mukul says our thoughts matched. He says he would like to meet her mother, who gave her so good upbringing.

Hansika talks to Anjali on video call and says Purab took stand for me and fought with Veena devi. She says nobody can make me move from here for 21 days. Anjali asks about her hand. Hansika takes out the fake plaster and shows her hand. She says it is made in such a way that can be taken at anytime. Thapki asks Mukul how is Anjali? Mukul says she is upset, and I am trying to convince her. He opens his wallet and asks her to give some money to Hansika. There is Jaya’s pic in his wallet, along with Hansika’s pic. Hansika tells Anjali that Thapki is talented and sang so well, but is foolish to send me on stage, gave me her blood and then brought me to her house. She says your acting was mind blowing. Anjali says I am happy that you went on me and not like your honest Papa. Hansika says he is my Papa and might be worried for me. Anjali says if we had told him the truth then he wouldn’t have let us plan this. Hansika says we thought to trouble Purab and he will run in the city to search my blood group, but Thapki made his work easy and says our blood group is same. Anjali gets thinking. Thapki says we can bear small expenses and asks him to keep the money, and says Hansika is like my sister. Mukul says what to say now and asks her to take care of Hansika. Thapki assures him. Mukul blesses her and goes.

Anjali says may be it is God’s will that her blood group is same as yours. Hansika says my destiny is good, what Thapki can do, Purab will be mine. Anjali says Veena can’t keep quiet. Hansika says I have treatment for her as well, she will not stop us from uniting. Thapki comes there and sees Hansika’s hand without the plaster.

Precap: Purab comes out of bathroom and splashes water from his head to wipe his hair. Thapki says the water fell on her calculation book and made a heart. She shows him. He asks her to make his schedule first. Thapki says she wants to talk to him about the job. She asks why do we do job etc.

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