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Krishna requests Radha to visit Dwarka for the sake of his oath. She says if he wishes so, she will visit Dwarka one last time and then move to Golok. At battlefield, Shalv tries to escape and is stopped by Krishna. Shalv attacks him. He reverses his attack and says he cannot harm even his hair with all his powers, he was bearing humiliation due to fate and now he will not spare him. Shalv tries to attack Krishna again. Krishna punches him down to earth and warns to dare not leave before Radha returns. He orders his soldiers to captivate Shalv and his soldiers.

A messenger visits Rukmini and Revati and inform them that war hasn’t ended yet, but Vasudev and Devaki are dead. Rukmini blames Krishna for losing his conscience in Radha’s love and letting his dear ones die. A maid informs her that Radha has returned to Dwarka and is at Dwarka’s door. Rukmini shoots an arrow at Radha’s path and stops her.

Balram shatters seeing Vasudev and Devaki’s dead bodies. Saambh and Nishant try to console him. Balram says his parents died in front of his eyes and takes oath to sacrifice his weapons and end his life on this earth. Krishna walks to him and requests him not to say that. Balram confronts him for not letting him kill Shalv. Krishna asks him not lose conscience and think that he did it with a reason. Balram says any reason doesn’t justify seeing his parents dying in front of his eyes and says he will leave this world after this battle and will not take back his oath. Krishna pleads not to do that. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she cannot watch Krishna’s pain. Mahadev says nobody can bear a pain like Krishna and soon a reason for him bearing pain will be revealed. Devi Gauri says she will wait till then.

Rukmini warns Radha to dare not enter Dwarka and return back as she is Krishna’s life partner and has equal right on Dwarka. Radha says she doesn’t need anything from Dwarka, but came here on Krishna’s order and cannot return until she finds answers to her questions. Their argument continues. Rukmini shoots arrow at her. Vasudev and Devaki enter and destroy arrow. Radha is shocked to see them alive. They say they are returning just now and asks to describe what really happened. Radha remembers them dying in front of her eyes and says she is confused and wants them to clear her dilemma. They keep their hands on her head. She soul returns to Krishna and apologizes him misunderstanding him and requests to clear her dilemma. He explains that Shalv used chalastra on her which affected not even her but also Balram, Saambh, and Nishat. She apologizes him again and thanks him for getting her out of the delusion and clearing her mind.

Precap: Radha Seeks Devi Parvati’s help and seeks balastra and chalastra from her. She then warns Shukracharya that he cannot use his tricks hereon and throws astras on him.

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