Radha asks for Kashi’s hand for Bajirao

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Scene 1
Shuibai says to Radha you told your son how to live with animals and horses but not animals? Because of him my daughter’s hand bled. Radha says he treats animals like humans. Shuibai says and treats humans like animals? Like he did to Kashi. Radha says Kashi is very nice, no one can harm her. Baji made a mistake. It was a kids’ fight. I am sorry on his behalf. Tai says tell your son that when you go to someone’s place as a guest, you take flowers not pricks. Radha says he’s a kid. But he got Ghaghar as well. Shuibai says you don’t harm and then give a gift. Tai says it would bring her blood and tears back. The scar stays forever. They got for pooja. Tai says time gone doesn’t come back. Do come to the pooja.

Scene 2
At night, the pooja starts. Tai and Shuibai do the pooja. Kashi enjoys the pooja with her friends. Radha says to Tai Kashi shouldn’t do the ghaghar ritual. It’s for married woman only. She tells Kashi you can’t do it. Kashi says I wanna do it like them. Radha says it’s a ritual. Respect it. Kashi says that’s why I want to do it. Radha says but rituals can’t be changed. Tai says we can change the rituals for our lady. She can do this. It’s such a small wish. She’s at least not hurting someone with pricks. Kashi does the ritual. Radha says things kids do shouldn’t be kept in the heart. This is your house, you can decide everything. But rituals shouldn’t be broken for kids’ wish. Shuibai says we can do anything for our Kashi. We do our rituals. Like taking blessings from elders. She touches tai’s feet. Tai says touch her feet too. She might be a little older than you as well. Shuibai says yes we care so much about the rituals, that she’s older in age not in worth. But I would do it cause ritual says guests are a blessing. She touches her feet. Radha steps back.

Scene 3
Balaji says to Mahad I came to you with a lot of home. Maratha empire needs you. Mahadji says I know this regime needs me. But I can’t help you with this. If I help you, Maharaj’s enemies would become mine too. It would affect my business as well. I can’t do that.

Kashi does the ghaghar ritual with all the married women. Radha and Shuibai do the arti. Kashi plays and dances with her friends. Ambabi comes there. Everyone puts sindoor on her forehead. Ambabi asks what do you want? A woman asks when will my child happen? She says after two years. A woman asks why is my sister not getting well? She says she did a sin. Kashi touches her feet. She says I heard there are toy shops in Pune. No one takes me there. When will they take us there? She says you will go to Pune. You will rule. The entire Pune will be under your feet, the land, the air, the rain, the fire, the sky, the future, everything would be yours.

Lights go off. Shuibai says how did this happen? Kashi is scared of the dark. They hear Kashi crying. Shuibai and Tai are scared. They look around for Kashi. Kashi is nowhere. Kashi is sitting in the corner and crying. All kids make fun Kashi got scared. Shuibai says stop it. Not everyone is like you to fight with the mountains. Radha says at least she shouldn’t be scared of the dark. The kids should be given confidence. Tai says Kashi let’s go. They take her inside.

Scene 4
A kid comes with his sword. Baji says you came to fight with me? He says no I want to learn sword fighting with you? baji says this is dagger not sword. Kashi comes and says don’t need to learn. We are business people. These swords don’t look good in our hands. We aren’t made of stone. And we feel the pain and now there’s animosity between us. Baji says then tell your brother to focus on business. I will teach who comes to me. Kashi’s brother says Kashi let me learn. He’s my friend. Kashi says my enemy is your friend? Okay then. Take bones out and add stones there. Then learn. She takes him from there.

Balaji tells Radha that Mahad said no. Radha says but why? He says Mahad is a businessman. They’ve nothing to do with the empire. He doesn’t want any harm to his business. Radha says just for that? For a businessman, I know your clients are important. My dad was also a businessman but he never thought about it while marrying me to you. Why is Mahad thinking that? He’s your friend as well. Balaji says the friendship is left behind. Radha says let me speak to him. He says no I don’t want my friendship to end. radha says I won’t let anything happen to your friendship. Let me speak to him. He nodes.

Scene 5
Kashi says I don’t want to rule fire, rain or land. Baba says we should rule the hearts. I wanna live a simple life. Play with toys and play with Ganga. Radha comes in and says I am really proud of you. You faced the snake bravely and then learning the life so well. She gives her necklace to Kashi as a gift. Kashi is happy. Tai comes there. She stops Kashi. Tai says do you know we told her that we will count till 100. Before that Kashi will take a round around the house. She didn’t trust. Kashi says I can run. Tai says let me count. You run and show her. Kashi goes. Tai says Radha, your necklace in my daughter’s neck? What’s the point? Radha says I really like your daughter. I can give her everything. Tai says I know what you’re trying to say but I wanna hear it from you. Come sit.

Radha says I know we are nothing in front of your wealth. You are wealthy and we serve people on ground. We have bravery and you have money. If both of them combina, the Maratha empire’s fate would change. That’s why I think, Baji and Kashi should get married. Tai is shocked. Kashi runs around the house. Bajirao does his practice. Kashi sees him practicing. She stops.

Episode ends

Precap-Kashi says why is your face like my broken pot? My horse won’t take you anyway. Mahadji says Kashi don’t say that. Guests are a blessing. Kashi says but not guests like him. Someone throws an arrow at Kashi.

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