Radha keeps Kalyani’s suhaag items

Vidrohi 17th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Jagabandhu and Kalyani hiding from Tilottama. She sees the puja rice at the door and thinks who did the puja and when. She goes. Kalyani leaves. He comes to his room and sees Radha sleeping. She wakes up and asks him not to worry, she won’t let anything happen to their baby. Kalyani sees her room messed up. She checks her suhaag symbols. She thinks this secret can come out, who did this, who has checked my room secretly, does anyone doubt.

Its morning, Kalyani comes to Jagabandhu and asks him to keep the suhaag symbols with him. He asks why. She says we have to keep this a secret from Radha. He goes with the bag. Radha looks for something in the storeroom. He comes there to hide the bag. She takes the bag from his hand and says its Suhaag symbols, you came after me to give this gift, I was coming outside. She goes smiling.

Kalyani sees Radha with the bag. Radha says Jagabandhu gave me this gift, he was hiding it to give it later, but its mine, you should also get a husband like him. She thanks Jagabandhu and hugs him. Kalyani leaves sadly. Jagabandhu goes to Kalyani. She says my dad had given me those suhaag symbols from your side, I know its not your mistake, don’t apologize to me. He goes. Tilottama says I had seen Kalyani wearing a kamarbandh, I didn’t get anything in her room, I won’t lose. Gadadhar says you have gone mad, go to the kitchen and do some work. She goes. Amba comes there. She says I had given poison to Radha, its a miracle that she conceived again, this time the poison will affect her slowly, if the baby doesn’t die, then the mum will die. He says it should affect, Radha’s death is fine.

Amba takes the food for Radha. She says this is necessary for you. Radha takes it. Kalyani sees her sword. She misses Mohan and her dad. Hari comes to talk to Kalyani. He asks did any thief come to trouble. She thinks who had checked my room and why. He says tell me, I will find out, don’t get scared, I m there. He goes. She smiles. She thinks of the culprit.

Kalyani says someone was checking the room to find out the truth. Jagabandhu says you are mistaken. She says you don’t trust me. Radha says everyone trusts each other a lot here.

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