RadhaKrishn 10th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Rom Harshan Tricks Balram

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Balram drags Nishath to yagna venue and asks Krishna to stop yagna. Radha asks why he wants to stop it when he himself brought rishi Rom Harshan for yagna. Balram reveals that his son is a traitor and with Rom Harshan, Shalv, and Shukracharya has planned to kill Krishna. Revati feels disheartened and says she will be a called a Dwarka traitor’s mother. Balram says he will end a sinner Rom Harshan. Rom Harshan continues yagna to save himself. Krishna stops Balram and says Rom Harshan is not completely a rogue rishi. Balram says Rom Harshan’s biggest sin is provoking him against his brother and warns Krishna not to stop him. Krishna says it would be a brahma hatya/murder and even him and Radha will be burdened by its sin. Balram angrily raises hand to kill Rom Harshan, but hits a coconut instead and says he will not do anything which will harm his Radha Krishna.

Devi Gauri asks Mahadev why Krishna did this. Mahadev says he was fulfilling Radha’s wish of completing the yagna, he is also letting Rom Harshan gain some virtue/punya as he is a scholar. Devi Gauri says brother Krishna gives chance to everyone.

Balram warns Rom Harshan to continue his yagna till he wants, but once he stops, he will die. Rom Harshan seeks Shurkacharya’s help who suggests to chant mantras which will continue for long. Rom Harshan laughs and chants shiv shrod. Balram asks if he has gone mad. Saambh explains its shiv shrod and will never end till Mahadev emerges. Krishna says Rom Harshan will seek boon from Mahadev whenever he emerges and will escape death. Shalv tells Shukracharya that Rom Harshan will escape with Mahadev’s boon and his plan of ending Krishna and Dwarka will fail. Shukracharya says Mahadev will not emerge, so Balram should take back his promise of killing Rom Harshan.

Balram asks Krishna if Dwarka will end with musal parv. Krishna says he is helpless. Radha says this yagna will be the reason for their and Dwarka’s end. Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that Shukracharya did wrong by giving this idea o Rom Harshan. Mahadev says they should wait and watch what Narayan does. Shalv notices ash falling from sky. Shukracharya says its a good news and a sign of Dwarka’s destroyal. Soldiers inform Saambh that there is a rain of hot ash. Saambh tells Krishna its because of mussal and asks him to do something. Krishna says he is helpless. Saambh requests Balram to promise not to kill Rom Harshan when his yagna ends. Balram denies and says he is ready to sacrifice anything to end Rom Harshan as he dared to provoke him against his Kanha. Radha says he cannot let whole Dwarka suffer because of his adamancy. Balram doesn’t agree. Krishna thinks if he doesn’t find a solution, Dwarka’s end is for sure.

Precap: Mahadev emerges and promises to fulfill Rom Harshan’s wish. Balram decides to kill Rom Harshan before he seeks boon.

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