RadhaKrishn 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Shalv Faces Radha’s Wrath

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Radha enters battlefield. Shukracharya asks Shalv to get ready to attack Radha with chal astra. Shalv asks why he wants to take revenge from Radha. Shukracharya says he wants to take revenge from Krishna instead for killing his mother. Radha walks to Krishna and requests him to rescue Devaki. Shalv’s soldiers captivate Vasudev and make him stand next to Devaki under firewood. Shalv sets fire around them taunting Krishna that his parent’s end has come. Balram runs to their rescue, but Shalv’s soldiers stop him. Radha asks Krishna if he can’t see his parents writhing in pain and asks what she needs to do to make him fight.

Devi Gauri tells Mahadev that she cannot see this. Mahadev says when he is feeling so much pain, his aradhya must be feeling immense pain because of him. Krishna tells Radha that its her battle as always and she needs to fight. Radha says if she fights, she will sacrifice him forever. Shukracharya orders Shalv to use his chal astra on Radha now. Shalv uses his chal astra which kills Devaki and Vasudev.

Radha runs to Devaki and Vasudev and seeing them dead warns Shalv that she will kill him today and take Devaki and Vasudev’s revenge. Shalv attacks her. She counterattacks and destroys Shalv’s chariot. Shalv seeks Shukracharya’s help and asks how can his chal astra fail. Shukracharya says even he is shocked, chal astra should have destroyed Radha’s energy, but her energy is increasing instead. Radha angrily gathers all her powers from earth to attack Shalv. Krishna thinks earth will be powerless if she takes all the power. He walks to her and requests to stop. She says her anger will destroy even him if he interferes. He says her power can never harm him, walks to her and stops her. She warns him to move away or else he will bear her anger. He says nothing can keep her away from her and suggests her to visit Dwarka once for Devaki and Vasudev’s last rights. She says Shalv will run away by then. He promises that Shalv will be in battlefield when she returns. She agrees.

Precap: Rukmini stops Radha from entering Dwarka with an arrow and warns her to return back. Radha says whatever Krishna has belongs to even her and provokes her to shoot her.

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