RadhaKrishn 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Balram Feels Humiliated

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Balram tells Mahadev that he respects him and if he orders, he can wash any asur’s feet and drink that water, but he respects his Kanha more and cannot let anyone insult him. Mahadev gets angry and orders Romharshan to seek boon. Radha asks Krishna to calm down Mahadev as he is getting angry on Balram. Krishna says both Mahadev and Balram are performing their karma/duty and hence he cannot interfere. Romharshan seeks boon from Mahadev that Balram with his whole power shouldn’t be able to harm him. Balram requests Mahadev not to say tathasthu/so be it. Mahadev says he is giving this boon on Krishna’s request. Balram warns he will kill Romharshan before he says tathasthu and raises his weapon to kill Romharshan when Krishna with a finger snaps stops time and asks Balram not to disrespect Mahadev and requests Mahadev to spare Balram. Mahadev say she has to give boon to Romharshan and is helpless.

Balram raises his weapon again and Mahadev tries to kill him. Radha stops Mahadev and requests to spare Balram. Krishna reminds Mahadev of an earlier incident and says they don’t give complete abhay daan/life boon to anyone as one gets immortal then. Mahadev thanks him for sharing knowledge with him. Balram says he cannot take back his oath and has to behead Romharshan. Krishna holds Balram’s feet and says he will not leave Balram’s feet until he leaves his adamancy. Balram drops his weapon and lifting up Krishna with teary eyes and asks what he wants. Krishna requests to take back his oath and let Mahadev fulfill his wish. Balram asks how can he say that. Krishna says he trusts himself and cannot let anything wrong happening to his dau. Balram agrees and hugs Krishna emotionally. Krishna asks him to just trust him and restarts time with his finger snap again.

Mahadev asks Romharshan which boon he wants. Romharshan says he thought he already sought his boon, he wants life protection/abay daan from Balram. Mahadev says its against fate as Balram is the means of his end, he should put discuss a way via which Balram cannot harm him. Shalv tells Shukracharya that Krishna tricked again. Shukracharya teaches Romharshan to repeat that Balram cannot harm him by weapon and physical strength. Mahadev says tathasthu and disappears. Balram feels humiliated and says he is powerless now. Radha tries to console him. Romharshan grins and ends yagna incomplete. Radha requests to complete it as its a sin to incomplete a yagna. Romharshan says he will never complete a yagna in favor of Krishna.

Precap: Krishna suggests Balram to wrestle with Romharshan. Balram challenges Romharshan. Romharshan overpowers him and thinks Balram will die for sure as Mahadev is with him.

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