RadhaKrishn 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s Advice to Balram

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Balram finishes whole food. Radha surprised says he finished whole food. Krishna says Dau can finish even twice that food. Balram says he knows what Krishna is up to and asks him to explain what is wrestling of tactics. Krishna says he will not inform him. Radha says he promised. Krishna says he will show it and challenges him for a wrestling match. Balram agrees and says nobody won in wrestling against him, he will throw down Krishna 4 times. Revati asks not to hurt her BIL. Krishna says she should feel bad if he pins down her husband. Radha warns that he is playing with fire. He says she should just wait and watch.

Vidhurath walks towards Dwarka thinking he will take revenge today. Shukracharya says its not that easy. Vidhurath asks who is he. Shalv says he is his asur guru Shukracharya. Vidhurath says then he is even his guru and greeting tries to leave. Shukracharya says he knows he is going to kill Krishna with a wrestling match with Mahadev’s boon, but will be defeated. Shalv informs that elder brother always wrestles first and Balram is an undefeated wrestler and elder brother of Krishna, so Balram will defeat him.

Krishna and Balram’s wrestling match starts. Krishna runs away escaping from attack and says this is wrestling of tactic. Balram says he cannot escape from a powerful warrior like him. Balram lifts Krishna and pins him down. Revati warns Balram to leave Krishna or else she will never cook food for him. Balram leaves Krishna and says she should stop her motherly love on Krishna and let him accept defeat. Krishna says there is counterattack for every attack. Balram asks him denies and teaches how to escape attack. Krishna loses again. Everyone clap for Balram. Krishna informs that there will be wrestling match in which he will win due to his light body and smooth moves. Shukracharya tells Vidurath that he will make sure that only Krishna fights with him and gets defeated. Vidhurath says he is ready to fight and kill Krishna.

Radha asks Krishna why is he so relaxed even after losing from Krishna. Krishna says he will feed her and Gopis today and also talks about practicing wrestling. Radha gets confused. Krishna gathers Balram and his nephews and explains them that anger is their biggest enemy and they should maintain their clam in front of enemy. Guard informs that Dantavakra’s brother Vidhurath has come. Balram asks if Dantavakra is the one whom he killed, why his brother has come. Krishna orders to let Vidhurath in.

Precap: Vidhurath says he came to take revenge from Krishna and challenges him for a wrestling match. Devi Gauri asks Mahadev how will Krishna defeat Vidhurath. Krishna accepts Vidhurath’s challenge.

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