RadhaKrishn 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update: Shukracharya Brainwashes Nishath

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Shalv tells Shukracharya that his plan failed, now Krishna is coming instead of Balram to fight with them and free Nishath. Shukracharya thinks if Krishna found out about his plan. Shalv says Krishna will fight from outside and Nishath from inside and defeat them. Shukracharya asks him to send his half army and keep Krishna busy midway. In Dwarka, Saambh continues writhing in labor pain and demands death. Balram feels helpless Shalv’s soldiers hide between bushes to attack Krishna and his army. Krishna notices movement and alerts his soldiers. Balram walks to him and requests him to return to Saambh as he needs his father’s love in his tough situation. After their long discussion, Krishna agrees and returns to Dwarka while Balram heads to free Nishath.

Krishna returns to Dwarka and thinks Saambh has to bear pain for his sin and there is no other go. Jamvati pleads Radha to request Krishna to absorb Saambh’s pain and collapses. Radha rushes to Krishna and requests him to clear Saambah’s pain. Krishna says he can’t even if he wants to as Saambh has to bear punishment for his sins. Radha says its like punishing Dwarka, her, Jamvati, Rukmini, and Laxmana, so he has to do something. Krishna walks to Saambh. Saambh requests to either relive him off his pain or kill him. Krishna says he is helpless.

Shalv informs Shukracharya that Krishna returned to Dwarka to help Sambah and hence Balram is coming here to save Nishath. Shukracharya says he knew this would happen. He and Shalv then brainwash Nishath against Krishna and gets him on their side. Nishath asks what should he do next. Shukracharya gives him medicine and asks him to feed it to Saambh to relieve his pain, then Nishath will be accepted as Dwarka’s crown prince and Balram as its king.

Precap: Nishath demands Krishna to get down from Dwarka’s throne and let his father sit on it. Krishna thinks its harmful to the whole world.

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