RadhaKrishn 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Balram Learns Truth

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Nishant is about to add rishi Rom Harshan’s given poison into prasad when he hears workers discussing that all Dwarka citizens won’t be having this prasad as they will have Mahadev’s charnamrith. He stops and thinks he will add poison in charnamrith. Shalv noticing that via superpowers shouts why Nishanth is not executing his task. Shukracharya says if Nishanth fails, he will kill and replace Nishant and execute the task. Devi Gauri fumes seeing it. Nishanth walks to temple and tells rishi that he himself will prepare Mahadev’s charnamrith and and serve it to everyone. Devi Gauri gets angry and tells Mahadev that Nishath has crossed the limits of his sins by planning to poison charnamrath, she will go and punish him. Mahadev stops her and says they need not do anything when Krishna is present there.

Rishi Rom Harshan seeks permission to start yagna. Krishna says Mahadev’s favorite belpatra is missing. Balram says he will go and get it. Krishna suggests to stay with is guru while he brings it. Balram insists and goes to bring belpatra. Nishath in temple prepares charnamrith and adds poison in it. Balram enters to get belpatra and asks what did he add last. Nishath lies its to enhance taste. Balram insists to have it. Nishath denies. Balram trashes him and insists to reveal his intention. Nishath reveals that him, Rom Harshan, Shalv, and Shukracharya are a team who wants to destroy Dwarka and kill Krishna. Balram drags him to palace venting out his anger on him. Mahadev asks Devi Gauri if she is happy now that Nishath is punished. She smilingly says yes. He says Krishna leela/magic is enjoyed after it ends, so they should just wait and watch.

Rishi Rom Harshan asks Krishna if he should start yagna. Krishna permits. Radha insists to wait till Balram returns. Rishi puts a mug in water and says muhurath will end when water fills the mug completely. After sometime, Krishna asks him to start yagna. Rishi senses Balram coming starts yagna. Balram enters and asks everyone to leave. Krishna informs that yagna has started.

Precap: Balram angrily tries to attack Rom Harshan. Krishna stops him. Balram says Rom Harshan is a fake guru. Krishna thinks if Balram ends Rom Harshan, it will be the end of Dwarka.

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