Rajjo gets upset as Vimlesh is about to win

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The Episode starts with Happu asking Manohar, why he didn’t give the chutney. Manohar says whose chutney is made, that person don’t need chutney. Happu gets Rajjo’s call and picks it. Rajjo asks why did you take time to pick the call. Happu says he has so much work. Rajjo says she has some work for him, and asks him to get gota work done on Amma’s saree. Happu says shall I go for this work. He ends the call. Happu asks Manohar to tell Resham pal that he is going for important work. Resham Pal comes there and hears him. He tells Happu that he shall feel ashamed to leave duty for wife’s work. Happu says you understand well that we can’t refuse our wives. Resham Pal says you will not leave the PS.

Vimlesh comes there and says sorry. Beni says it seems you want me to do some work. She asks him to get zari work on the saree. He asks if this work is left for me. Vimlesh says you told that you are sarvagun sampan. Beni says I can’t do this work. Vimlesh says half woman is hidden in the man. She emotionally blackmails him and then threatens him. Beni claps and says what an idea. He says he will get her work done and asks for the price. Vimlesh says she will give the price later.

Kat asks Kamlesh if he is not having any work. Kamlesh says he stopped his bike seeing her. Kat says I am thinking that you are following me. Kamlesh says you like my company. Kat says cow dung smell comes from your mouth. Kamlesh says lets go for Momos. Kat refuses and says you eat mouth like a buffalo, and puts too many momos in it. Kamlesh feels bad, but says he doesn’t mind. Kat says don’t know how did I do friendship with you. Kamlesh is about to go. Kat says I am feeling bad for you, but telling truth. She says she will meet him when he becomes good and goes.

Amma is happy that both her bahus want to do her seva. Vimlesh comes running to Amma and shows the saree with Gota work etc. Amma says so soon. Rajjo comes there and sees the saree. Ranbir says how did you do it so soon? Vimlesh says she worked hurriedly. Rajjo says you don’t know stitching. Amma asks where is my saree? Rajjo says there is some work to be done and tells that Vimlesh has done cheating. Amma says you are jealous. Vimlesh asks how did I do it. Amma says you worked hard and gives her 10 points. She gives zero to Rajjo. Hritik says next time Mummy will win. He tells Chamchi that mummy will win. Chamchi laughs and reminds him of Vimlesh’s victory. Dada ji tells Amma that this is the fire lighted by her. Amma asks the kids to sleep.

Vimlesh tells Beni that she is 10 points ahead of Rajjo. Beni says we have done cheating. Vimlesh says everything is fair in love and war. Beni says Rajjo will be sad. Vimlesh says she will be fine. Beni asks how you will reward me. He asks for the love. She grants him. He plays the song and dances with her.

Happu tells Rajjo that he was stuck in the PS due to Resham Pal. Rajjo says Vimlesh won due to him. Happu says next time, you will win. She says Beni does all the work and my husband is worthless. She gets upset with him and asks him to move.

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