Reema feels guilty, Badi Maa asks her to shatter Simar fully

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The Episode starts with Simar walking on the road and recalling Aarav’s words that he will start his life afresh and move on in life. He will forget Simar etc. She keeps her hand on her ears and runs on the road. Simar is about to fall down and shouts. Aarav also falls down in the room. Samar comes and holds Simar’s hand. Aarav takes Simar’s name. Simar asks Samar, what are you doing here? Samar says I am saving you from falling down, I can do this much for you. Simar falls again. Samar holds her hand again. He says I came to take you home, we have humanity relation if not any relation. Simar says don’t tell this to Maa and Papa. He nodes her head and takes her home.

Badi Maa asks Reema, why did that girl Simar come here? Reema says Badi Maa..Badi Maa stops her and says that girl is still hopeful and hopes that she can get what she wants. She says we shall snatch their hope and they shall not know what they want, and shall not know each other’s condition. Reema tells that she has done what she thought right, but feeling bad seeing them shattered. Badi Maa says I don’t want to know what they feel and asks her to smash Simar’s hopes and fill darkness in her heart that no light can reach her. She says hurt her so that Aarav’s talk look punishment for her. She asks her to show the girl’s pics to Simar and tell her that what the girls can do for Aarav and asks her to make Simar meet those girls if needed. She says Simar shall be shattered and shall agree to marry that guy. She asks Reema not to be emotional and asks her to remember that victory is waiting for her in the end, and the taste of it will be sweet.

Gagan calls Simar and thinks where did she go? Aditi comes there and tells him that Bhabhi is not in the temple. She gives prasad to him. Gagan eats it. Aditi says I will leave and asks him to inform her just as he comes to know about her. Gagan offers to drop her home. Aditi says I can manage. Gagan says whatever I have done with you is wrong, and even today I am feeling guilty, I can’t explain to you. Aditi slaps him and says I haven’t come here to hear your heart, I came here for my bhai and bhabhi’s happiness. She says don’t speak all this again and walks away from there.

Samar takes Simar inside the house and makes her sit on the bed. He asks her to give her foot so that he can bandage it. Simar asks why are you doing this, nothing will change. Samar says I don’t want to change anything, I just want to heal your wound. Simar says Aarav ji is in my soul, I feel deeply for him and is drown deeply. She says it is very difficult to come out from the depth and tells that she can’t come out. She says now she knows that she is ready to get drown all life, but not ready to forget him. She says you will not get anything Samar. Samar looks on.

Vivaan comes to Aarav’s room and finds him sleeping on the floor. He asks Bhai, if you are fine and asks him to get up. He says you will get cold and unwell. Aarav says I don’t have strength to get up or don’t have the wish and asks him to go. Samar gives water to Simar and says the question is what we need. He says we need an aim to live, to be happy and to feel. He applies ointment on her foot. Simar gets teary eyes. He says you gave me the aim and tells that even he used to feel the same when Nisha went. He says I had lost trust on goodness, but you made me trust again on it. She says we met so that we unite and says we are comfortable, honest with each other. He says may be we can wipe each other’s pain. He wipes her tears and says take time to take the decision. He says I can only share your pain and will never leave you. He says Nisha left me alone, and I feel the pain of loneliness, and will not let you bear the pain.

Vivaan says even I will sleep on the floor. Aarav asks him to get up and says you don’t need to do this. Vivaan says it is needed, and reminisces that he had failed in his maths exam and hid all his books in the fridge. He says then you made me believe in myself and taught me maths, and I had done top and became favorite among girls. He says you are my hero and can do anything. He asks him to return and says we need you. He cries. Aarav says don’t cry.

Simar gives tissue paper to Samar. Samar says don’t know what went in my eyes. Simar asks if he still feels the pain. He says not much, after you came in my life. He says our relation is of pain relation. Simar says I respect your emotions and feelings, you have shared all your feelings with me, but I am not ready for any relation. She says I need sometime and says sorry for hurting him. Samar says I am a bit hurt, but do whatever you think is right. He says I will give you Samar’s mantra before going and asks her to channelize her emotions at right place and write a poetry. He says your emotions will free you and that’s my promise. He is about to do hive with her and stops. He then signs her to smile and goes away from there.

Aarav asks Vivaan to get up. Vivaan says everyone is worried for you. We want our old Aarav back, please. He says you guide us and show the difference between the right and wrong. He says we want our big brother and guide. Aarav says I am the world’s shattered person, I have no direction, how can I show direction to anyone. He says if I have Simar’s hand in my hand, then I can win this world. He says if she is with me, then I am fine. He asks him not to do like him and don’t think him as hero. He asks him to go and save his love and marriage. He says don’t come in my talks and don’t ruin your life. He says everything is good whenever someone’s hand is in our hands, and says when that hand is left, we know the difference. He says if that person is with you, you are the richest person, and if that person is not with you, you are the poor.

Update in ProgressPrecap: Simar tells that nobody can take Aarav ji’s place in her life. She says I am ready to move on, for Aarav ji’s sake. I am ready to marry you.

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