Rishi and Malishka to marry secretly

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The Episode starts with Malishka asking Abhay to say clearly. Abhay says I have already told you, but you don’t want to listen or understand. He says I saw you with Rishi and heard your conversation. He says I will not lecture much, even I wanted Rishi to marry you, but few things are not in our hands, tells that Rishi is now a married man and his identity is made with Lakshmi as a couple. He says Rishi likes Lakshmi a lot and can’t break her heart, and your heart will be broken. He asks her to handle herself. He asks her to see Lakshmi and Rishi coming, while she is holding his hand while walking inside. Abhay says Rishi will never refuse her. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her hand. Rishi asks what is it? Lakshmi says people will think I am shameless. Dadu asks Abhay to bring the bride. Virender asks Viraj to sit. Rishi is helpless. Viraj and Malishka sit for the roka ceremony. Dada ji asks Pandit ji to start the rasam and says the girl has come who will do shagun. Lakshmi says how can I do and says elders do it? Dadu says elders are asking you. Lakshmi looks at Neelam and Virender, who sign her to do shagun. Virender says it is good that I got Lakshmi and Rishi married else don’t know what you would have done. Dadu says you don’t know and is about to tell. Malishka says he wanted to get Lakshmi marry Viraj, if she was unmarried. Dadu says I have another grand son, and would have get Lakshmi marry him. Neelam says roka shall happen as per the mahurat. Dadu thinks she is strict, it is good that she is not my daughter. Pandit ji asks Lakshmi to cover malishka’s head with the bridal dupatta and do their tilak. Lakshmi does the rituals and then do their aarti. Malishka makes a sad face and looks at Rishi. Pandit ji asks Lakshmi to make them have sweets. Lakshmi makes Malishka and Viraj have sweets. Everyone claps. Lakshmi then gives the shagun to Malishka. Pandit ji asks Kiran to do the same rasam again. Kiran does the rituals from Malishka’s side and gives shagun to Viraj. Pandit ji says roka rasam is completed. Everyone claps. Dada ji says marriage mahurat is after 5 days. Daddy says it is happening fast. Malishka says Dada had told me on phone and asks Rishi, if he will not congratulate her. Rishi says ofcourse and congrats her. Pandit ji asks them to take elders’ blessings. Viraj hugs everyone and hugs Rishi too. Malishka hugs everyone, except Rishi. Rishi has the letter in his hand.

Dada ji asks everyone to come inside and says I will attend you all. Viraj holds Malishka’s hand and takes her. He stops as someone comes. Rishi handovers letter in Malishka’s hand. Malishka gets dizzy and falls on Viraj. She drops the letter from her hand. Lakshmi comes there and asks if she is fine. Malishka says yes. Viraj takes her. Rishi goes. Lakshmi finds the letter and thinks it was in Rishi’s hand.

Viraj says room has come. Malishka says I don’t need you now. Viraj says excuse me. Malishka says I need to be alone for sometime. Viraj says I am happy that my best friend will be my wife. Malishka goes to room and cries. Rishi comes there. Malishka asks why did you come here? Rishi says to get married. He says let’s get married. Lakshmi opens the letter, it flies away. Lakshmi runs behind it to get it. She asks someone not to let it fly. Viraj is seen picking the letter. Lakshmi takes it from him. Viraj asks if it is love letter. Lakshmi says it is Rishi’s work related. She praises Rishi and says he is worried for work, but thinks for everyone. Viraj asks how do you know that he is in tension due to work. Lakshmi says she knows and says he didn’t smile since 2-3 days. She says she thinks how to cheer him up. Viraj says you really loves him and says when you are with him, he shall be happy. He says when you have helped me, I can help you. He says I will read this and will see if I can help Rishi in his business.

Malishka says just now my roka is done. Rishi says you told that you want to marry me, and tells that though he is married. He will marry her for her peace. He says I have written letter for you, don’t know where it is? He asks Malishka to marry him. Malishka refuses. Rishi says I can’t do this anymore, and knows that I can’t live without you. He is about to go. Malishka asks him to ask more. Rishi says I am tired of this and says I can’t lose you, and wants to cry. Neelam overhears them. Rishi asks Malishka to marry him and says I can’t bear anymore. He asks her to marry him now itself. Malishka hugs him and cries. Neelam gets shocked. They hug each other. Neelam sees Dadu coming and says where is Viraj? Dadu says he must be with Malishka. Neelam says not that way, and asks him to come with her and help. Dadu says ok and goes. Lakshmi gives the letter to Viraj, but then takes it from him. She says let it be, this is of Rishi and he will not like if we read. Viraj says you are his wife and don’t need his permission. He asks her to read and says may be it is love letter. Lakshmi says yes, I don’t need permission and tells that there are some limitations. She advices him to share the problem with his partner, if she can handle. Viraj asks her to go to Malishka. Lakshmi says she will go and will give this letter to Rishi. Viraj prays for his happiness.

Malishka thanks Rishi and says you have given all the happiness of my life. She says she will marry him today. Rishi says thank god you agreed. Malishka says you have troubled me a lot. Rishi says I agreed now and asks her to agree. She hugs him again. Lakshmi is coming there.

Precap: Rishi tells Neelam in Karishma and Kiran’s presence that Malishka is not ready to wait for a year, and I can’t leave Lakshmi. Karishma asks what did you say? Malishka and Rishi come to the mall to buy bridal clothes for her. Lakshmi is selecting bridal clothes and falls. Rishi holds the lehenga while Lakshmi is holding it from the other side. They are about to see each other.

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