Rishton Ka Manjha 11th December 2021 Written Episode Update

Rishton Ka Manjha 11th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Diya thinks how will she spend the whole day without eating food. She cant even sleep too. Biplab comes and gives food to Diya. She gets surprised seeing him. She asks him who is he and her food was wasted then why he is giving her another plate. Biplab says Monica knowingly made her fall, he noticed everything. The he gives her an old phone saying she can use it. Diya tells him to reveal who sent him. Biplab says Arjun sent him. He will help her whenever needed. Diya gets delighted and takes the phone. Biplab says she should eat the food before Monica comes back with her friends. Diya tells him to check if they are coming. Diya puts the sim card in the phone and calls Arjun.

Arjun asks her if she is fine. Diya gets emotional hearing his voice and says she is missing him and the family. She asks about Biplab and Arjun tells her to finish the food asap. Diya says she can’t video call him as this is not smart phone. Arjun says that’s not needed she should focus on the game also she should hide the phone in a safe place. Warden sees Biplab and sends him back to canteen. Monica tells her friends that they will make Diya drink alcohol tonight and disciplinary action will be taken against her. Diya sticks her phone with tape under the bed hearing their voice. Monica tells Diya that they will party tonight. Diya agrees which surprises Monica.

Niharika calls Tina but the latter blocks her number. Niharika panics and thinks now how will she talk to her. Arjun is also doubting her. She sees Kush coming to room and she hides the phone. Diya asks Monica to give some chaat or side dish with alchohol. Monica gets shocked seeing that. Diya serves drinks and kisses the bottle.

Kush questions Niharika did she mix drug in Diya’s food. Niharika replies why he is treating her like an enemy. If he will suspect her then others will get license to do that too. Niharika says things can’t go on like this. She tries to hang herself but Kush stops her. Niharika starts crying and says she didn’t plan against Diya. Theres no drug in her blood as well. Kush consoles her saying he can understand but due to her previous act he questioned her. Diya tells Monica and her friends to drink the alcohol and says they will do bottoms up. She thinks Monica can’t ruin her plan. She is here to know about the drug scam.

Diya acts like drinking and then throws up. She says she is drinking after a long time, so it happened. Dipika informs Kush that Arjun went out with bag. He may leave the house. Kush goes to check. Monica tells Diya to drink first now. Diya tells a shayari and then turns off the light. She puts the alcohol in dustbin without their knowledge. Monica and her friends get drunk and Diya also acts like she is drunk too. She makes them drink one more glasses. They laugh and chit-chat. Diya says if warden gets to know about all these what will happen. Monica gets shocked.

The episode ends.

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