Rishton Ka Manjha 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Diya goes missing

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Scene 1
Diya looks for the file. She says Karan, I will give you the answer now. Karan wakes up Monica. He asks them to get up. They are passed out. Karan says where is Diya? He calls the warden. He says I am at the hostel. Where is Diya? She’s not in her room. The warden says I am coming. Diya looks into the file. She finds the medical certificate. Karan says where is Diya? Warden says she was in the room. She says sorry sir. He says take a strict action. Where could she go? He asks his men to look for her. Karan says where could she go?

Diya says how can I remember all this information? I can’t take this file. I can make them suspicious. She keeps the papers in her clothes.

Scene 2
Arjun checks his bag. He hears someone coming. Arjun hides. Vitthal tells Arjun Diya isnt in her room. Karan is looking for her in the academy. Arjun says this could be his plan. Vittal says no he was worried himself. He says the other girls in her room were drunk. They might have made Diya drunk too. Arjun says she never drinks. He says I am really worried for her. I want to go and look for her. He says you can’t go in sir. I will try to find Diya madam.

Diya hears people outside looking for her. Diya says Karan is looking for me. What should I do? Arjun calls on Diya’s number but her phone is off. He says where are you Diya? Don’t give him a chance.

Scene 3
Madhuri says Kush open the door. Arjun isn’t okay. Please call him. I won’t say anything. Please. He says maa please calm down, Madhuri says I saw a bad dream. Arjun was in a cave. He was stuck and he was calling my name. He says please calm down. Madhuri says Arjun and Diya both are in trouble. I can’t sit in peace.

Karan asks the warden to call the police and report Diya missing. He says how can she leave the camp. Karan says make sure she gets eliminated.

Arjun is worried for Diya. He says what should I do? Arjun calls Vittal. He says we couldn’t find Diya. Arjun says I need to find her. Vittal says please don’t come here. We will all get in trouble.

Scene 4
Karan’s man says Diya is downstairs. Madhuri says I was so happy Arjun was coming back to life because of Diya. I don’t know he’s in trouble now. Please save my kids.

Diya is in the court. Karan says what are you doing here? She says I was not sleepy so I came here to practice. Warden says practice can be done anytime. It’s legal. I can’t eliminate her. Warden says Diya go to your room. Diya says you will leave this academy Karan Mathur, not me.

Madhuri says I am really worried for Arjun. Do something Kush or I will go to find him. Kush says he won’t do anything wrong. He won’t risk his life. He has to be there for Diya. Madhuri says I asked them to stay away from badminton for this reason. I don’t know what to do. She cries. Niharika comes.

Vitthal says thank God didi you’re found. Please talk to sir. Arjun calls on his phone. He says thank God Diya. I was so worried and scared for you. Diya says I am fine. Nothing happened to me. I was practicing. I didn’t know Karan would come here. He can’t stop me from practicing. You should sleep. He says I can’t sleep. Diya says missing me? You can’t lie. I know you all miss me. He says yeah we are used to you. Diya wonders where to hide. She hides them under her bed in the mattress. Diya says I did well. How smart. I wish you were here Diya says why was he so worried? If he could he would come with me to the academy. He cares a lot for me.

Episode ends

Episode ends

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