Rishton Ka Manjha 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Karan gets insulted

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Scene 1
Diya says Karan got my husband falsely accused as well. Karan comes to the man. It’s Dr. Sen. He says we have to take him to the hospital. Karan hits his manager and says bring Dr. Sen. Where is he? Media reports Karan lied and Diya didn’t take any drug. Niharika recallings mixing it. She says how did this happen? Tina will kill me. Depika says Karan has started with his games again. Amitabh says how long will Diya save herself? He’s a powerful man. Why are they going against him. Madhuri says can’t you see what he’s done? He ruined Arjun’s life and now Diya. Diya is our DIL. If anything happens to her Arjun would be broken. He says I have already suffered business loss in Karan and Arjun’s fight. I won’t bear that. Madhuri says that was your answer 5 years ago too. You couldn’t stand for your son, how would you stand for your DIL. Amitabh leaves.

Scene 2
Arjun brings Dr. Sen to the hospital. They rush him to the OT. Tina calls Karan and says I am so excited. Diya must be broken. He says come out of your bubble. Nothing happened to Diya. Niharika lied to you. She didn’t mix anything. Diya calls Arjun and tells her what Karan did. She says Karan said there is drugs in my reports. He was sure it would be positive. How did he predict it?

Tina says Niharika can’t lie. Karan says so am I lying? People called me a liar. They will start question my allegation of Arjun too. If that happens I won’t leave you and Niharika. Arjun says that means I guessed right. Karan tried to mix drugs in your food. Diya says but you made breakfast for me. How is that possible? He says your breakfast was in the kitchen. Then I went to the kitchen and Niharika was there. Arjun changed the food and made it again. Arjun says we have to be more careful. Diya says I will be, did you get home? He says no I am at the hospital. A man met an accident.

Scene 3
Karan’s manager tells him Dr. Sen is not in the camp. His phone is in the cabin, He says get Diya’s blood samples done again and bring Dr. Sen from anywhere. Niharika says to Tina I mixed it. Tina says yous stupid woman. I shouldn’t have trusted you. Karan insulted me so much.

The other doctor checks Diya’s reports and says they’re negative. His manager says she’s become heroin and people are calling you biased. Diya takes the fitness test. Tina does charity at the hospital. Arjun sees her. Tina says Arjun you.. He says I had some work and you here? In this attire? Charity and all? High profile hobbies? Tina says I came here for some work but we become news. Arjun says Karan has tried to accuse Diya of Drugs. Tell him this plan is outdated. You, Karan and your best friend Niharika, you can’t stop Diya.

Fitness test results are announced. Diya is selected. She’s happy. She says I wish you were here Arjun. I will trophy and your lost respect. Tina says I don’t know what are you saying. You don’t trust me, I made a mistake. I became selfish. I hated myself that’s why I decided to change myself. I have accepted you’re Diya’s only. I’ve moved on. Please forgive me if you can. Karan asks the player how will you make Diya’s life hell. She says we have to show her worth to her. Karan says she’s Agarwal house’s DIL. Don’t talk about worth. Her worth is a lot more than you. I gave you this chance not for these cheap tricks. Diya is a strong contender. Your anger is your fuel. Remember the tournament when Diya showed you and your dad your place. You have to scared her and make her cry so much that she can’t sleep. She will be disqualified then. Monica says but I will have to break the rules. He says of course. If you do this my hand will always be on you. She says you see how I take that tournament’s revenge.

Scene 4
The trainer says your training will start from 5 am. You all have to follow the rules. You will stay in the hostel. See you all at 5 am tomorrow morning. He leaves. Diya picks her bag. Monica comes to her. She says so? Mrs. Diya Agarwal. What happened? Diya says you can’t scare me. There’s a difference between fighting and competing. You should go in wrestling, your frustration would calm down. Remember what happened in Jamshedpur tournament? You said big things but you lost. Anyway, all the best. Arjun calls Diya. She says I was in session with coach. He asks about the test. Diya says I am your student. I cleared it. Arjun says I knew it. Karan can’t stop you. Your real challenge starts now. Karan will try to attack you but you have to win. Diya says I promise Arjun. Diya says be there for maa. And don’t drink, please. Diya says after 7 days our life would take a different turn. Everything will be fine, We will win.

Episode ends

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